15 Easy DIY Pokemon Halloween Costumes

Some fast and easy costume ideas for this year's Halloween festivities.

It's that time of year again.

With Halloween right around the corner, the same annual questions that pick your brain every year start to rear their head: "What do you wear to that big party?" "I really want to do something awesome, but how do I make it original?" 

Well folks, you're in luck. Here's a compilation of 15 Pokemon-themed costume ideas suitable for any spooky holiday festivities, including the Pikachu maid pictured above. 


A simple, last-minute favorite if you're ever in a bind for a costume. Most of these items will be laying around most female's homes, and what isn't can be easily located at any mall. 

Not only is it fast and accessible, it's a costume anyone could recognize. 


A little more difficult than the first, but you can't go wrong with a Charizard costume. 

Most the items required for this costume can be found at a mall or any general party store. The tail might demand a trip to your local craft store, but you could always improvise and buy some red and yellow felt instead. 


Whether you're male or female, flaunting a Pokeball costume is never the wrong answer. 

With so many ways to wear the outfit, all you really need is a red shirt, white bottoms, a black belt, and a large white circle, and you'll be the star of the show. 


I'm not sure if there's too much to explain about this one, but I'd like to deem it the easiest and, dare I say, the guaranteed party favorite. 

Pokemon Card

Another favorite, this costume is definitely top-tier in terms of creativity. Any piece of cardboard would do, and the main picture can be printed out to save yourself some agony, if you aren't an aspiring Michelangelo. 

The basic stats will do, and any fan is sure to pick up on your costume at first sight. However, I'm not sure how many people you'll be running into. 


A little less serious (probably on par with the Ditto costume), this is probably going to get the most laughs of any other costume on this list. 

A dark blue hoodie, a light blue shirt, and jeans is the basic premise of this costume. All you need to do is go to your nearest craft store, or even Walmart, and purchase some fake vines. 

You can even have an extra one in your hand to enable some on-the-fly vine whips any time someone commits a party foul. 

Team Rocket Grunts

Equally easy for either gender, the Team Rocket Grunt outfit is just black shirt and skirt/pants. The red R's are effortlessly applied through red duct tape, and the white accessories can be found at any craft or party store. 


For any boy with a sense of humor, this Brock outfit would be a hit at any Halloween party this year. Simply put on brown pants, an orange shirt, and a green vest. The only thing left is hair gel and to never open your eyes. 


Less convenient than the other costumes so far, this Weezing costume is as easy as finding a blow-up ball at Walmart and purple, white, red, and black paint. 

The bottom can be made with cardboard, and the part that goes over your face can be cut out of paper. 


A little bit more complicated than the rest, this costume can be crafted from a collapsible hamper, cardboard, paint, and fabric. 

Not only that, but wearing this costume officially allows you to make inappropriate "harden," jokes during the entirety of the get-together.


Victreebell Eating James

Another hamper-based costume, this will make any Pokemon veteran's night, at the expense of being able to see what's going on in front of you. 

White pants and black boots are the only thing necessary besides the fabric to throw over the hamper.


Gary Oaks

Wearable by both male and female, a blue long-sleeved shirt, red undershirt, yellow necklace and jeans will be the main items needed to play Ash's arch nemesis. 

The boots can be crafted through orange and black duct tape, and then lots and lots of hair gel. The gym badges are nice touch, but not exactly necessary. What you should do, however, is recruit of horde of women to swoon behind you for the entire party.

"GARY! GARY! He's our man, if he can't do it no one can!"



What's easy about this costume is the brown, cutoff pants and sneakers. What isn't easy is the multiple ways to create the bone helmet. You can do it the time-consuming, but aesthetically superior way, with paper mache.

The other method I would suggest would be craft foam, which is 99 cents per sheet at any craft store. The bone can be made from the shaft of a broom or tiki torch.

Pokemon Trainer

Perfect for any girl, basically this entire costume can come directly out of the average closet. Jean shorts, a white shirt, and a black vest.

The hat can be made with any white hat and pink, acrylic paint.