16 Most Creepy Video Game Glitches

Check out some of the creepiest video game glitches and then share your own creepy glitch experience with us!
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Share Your Video Game Glitch Experience With Us!

With October approaching, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at some creepy video game glitches. When you are finished with the slideshow, leave your thoughts in the comments below. Is there a creepy video game glitch that was missed that you would like to share? Share with us your video game glitch experience!  

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# 16 Pokemon's Missingno

Missingno is a Pokemon species found in the the video games Pokemon Red and Blue. It is called "Missingno" because it stands for "Missing No." It appears when the game tries to obtain access to data for nonexistent Pokemon species. If caught, Missingno has been reported to corrupt the safe file. 

#15 FIFA Faces

This is a very common FIFA glitch, especially if there are a lot of animations going on and if it is played online. 

#14 Zoo Tycoon's Ghost Animals

There have been reports of animal ghosts appearing during the Zoo Tycoon game-play. A rumour began going around that when the animals die they turn into ghosts; however, there is no evidence of this and the reports have been shrugged off as glitches. 

#13 Wichter's Geralt

 The creepiest glitch in Witcher was Geralt's distorted face. Although his face was distorted making him look creepier than he already was, he remained fully functional. Players were usually able to fix the glitch by changing locations or reloading the game. 

# 12 Super Smash Brother's Brawl

This glitch was caused by players hacking the game. Players hacked the game to switch the abilities and moves of different characters into one in order to create a character with the abilities and moves they prefer. However, by changing this it not only changed the abilities, but also the character's physical appearance causing some creepy deformities. 

# 11 Fall Out 3 Bodies

 This glitch is caused by killing someone, saving, and then returning to the game. The dead character looks like this because the game thinks that a dead character should be a pile of body parts, but during the glitch it forgets to tell those parts to scatter on the floor, resulting in the parts returning to its default position. Some of them will even walk around and have conversations with the player. 

# 10 Resident Evil Remake 

When starting the game, a rare bug caused players and enemies to appear stretched and distorted. It was reported that the cause was from corrupted data or from the disk being dirty. 


# 9 Luigi's Mansion's Hanging Shadow

This glitch occurs in the attic of Luigis Mansion when lightning flashes outside. When the light flashes, we see Luigi's shadow hanging himself in the back wall. The glitch was confirmed to be a lighting glitch, which caused the shadow to spawn above the floor rather than on it. 

# 8 Red Dead Redemption Manimals 

While wandering around the deserts, you may find some disturbing things. Fans call them "Manimals." They look like a cross between a human and animal and they are all different. You may come across bird people flying around the sky by flapping their arms, cougar men who charge to attack you, and snake men (seen on the slideshow picture) who stare at you from out of their twisted bodes. 

# 7 Battlefield 3 Giant

 In the early versions of the game, some players would appear extremely large and deformed. It was later patched due to several people reporting the glitch. 

# 6 Fall Out New Vegas Intro

In the early versions of the game, Dr. Mitchell's head spinning around was one of the creepiest glitches in the game reported. Not only would his head begin to spin, but he would also start to float around the room in a distorted position. 


#5 Sims 3 Demon Babies

This glitch, resulting in deformed Sims, occurs from downloading custom content or missing animations. The glitch is fixed by patching the game and removing the corrupted content.  

#4 Hitman Blood Money Corpses

If spotting corpses on levels isn't freaky enough, you will be even more freaked out when the corpses begin chasing you around. It is thought that the cause of the glitch is due to frequent modes. 



#3 F.E.A.R 2: Project Origin's Alma

There used to be a glitch on the first level of the game where Alma silently stalks the player without vanishing. The cause of the glitch is still unknown.  

 2 Sherlock Holme's Creepy Watson

The game allows players to switch between detective Sherlock Holmes and his companion Watson at any time. With this said, the developers needed to make sure both character were always in close proximity of each other during game-play; however, they never made any walking animation for Watson...resulting in Creepy Watson. 

#1 Skyrim's Living Mannequins 

In the Honeyside Manor basement, players realized that the more they visited the house the creepier things became.

Some of the mannequins begin walking around the house, some will move their heads like a living person, and some will move from their original position. They do not engage in conversation, but they can stalk the player. The glitch is fixed by leaving the house or adding or removing items. 

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