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17 Awesome Video Game Moments and Memories

The moments that made us laugh, cry, rage, and even gasp with surprise, all wrapped up with video.
This article is over 10 years old and may contain outdated information
Super Mario Bros. Ending

Just about everyone felt that they had achieved something great when they finally beat the last stage of Super Mario Bros. Some of us were clearly brighter than others, and beat it in short measure. Others, (totally not me) may or may not have beaten the game for the first time eight years later when it was a relic. (So not me.)

Recommended Videos

Portal 2 Turret Opera

Often a quoted favorite of Portal 2 fans, the end of the game treats you to a wonderful turret opera that's almost as engaging as the game itself. It's totally OK if you did a little ballet dance the first time watching it. It's even encouraged that you act like a conductor.

The Last of Us - Giraffes!

This scene from The Last of Us made many people smile. In the words of Ellie, "So F***ing cool."

Fable III - The Ultimate Decision 

This is easily the biggest "omg" moment when you first start playing Fable 3. It's equal parts heartbreaking and horrifying. To make matters worse, this decision on whether to kill peasants or your true love is timed. If you don't do anything, they both die.

Final Fantasy XII - Summon Ultima

Few people can forget the first time they summoned Ultima. The sheer power drawn down from the heavens was staggering and quite breathtaking. 

Dragon vs Mammoth vs Giant vs Sabre Cat vs Me!

This situation from Skyrim isn't so much a moment as it is a regular occurrence. Every so often, you'd stumble upon a crazy, logic-bending fight. This particular video is a good way to showcase that ecological madness.

Yoshi's Island Ending

Awww, and so our twins were reunited, and the Yoshi's lived happily ever after. Yoshi's Island was surprisingly popular, considering the serious lack of violence and plethora of cute it held. Almost makes me feel bad for dropping Yoshi down holes to save my own life.

Journey - Sand Surfing 

Journey is an incredible game anyway, particularly story and graphic-wise. This specific area was easily one of the most captivating.

Red Dead Redemption - First ride into Mexico

Although this took my breath away and continues to do so to this day, it's just another day at work for Rockstar Games. The expansiveness and intricacies found in this area are breathtaking.

God of War 2 - Kratos and Zeus

Battles don't get much more epic than this. Many gamers thoroughly enjoyed this battle. It stuck in the minds of gamers both for its storyline depth and beautiful graphics. The scene with Gaia is also pretty incredible.


Mega Man 2- Intro

For an older game, the Mega Man 2 intro was pretty inspiring. As you climb up the tower, it seems simplistic at first. But the intro gives a feeling of anticipation that the game carries throughout it.

Vanilla WoW in a Minute by Wowcrendor (World of Warcraft Machinima)


Everything in Vanilla Wow. Need I say more? Oh Vanilla Wow, where for art thou?



Katamari Forever - Rolling Up...Well, Everything

Katamari is generally one of the most underrated game franchises out there, at least in my not-so-humble opinion. What can be said that's bad about rolling up the entire universe?

Never mind that you roll up a black hole. Katamari's not about logic.

Harvest Moon Animal Parade: Wedding with Harvest Goddess

I am a well-known Harvest Moon addict. It's just nice to get a break with a game that's not all shoot-y, kill-y, and stabby once in a harvest moon, pun entirely intended.

Of all the scenes I've encountered throughout all of the Harvest Moon games, this one was easily the cutest. Kissing sprites? Adorable.

Walking Dead: Clementine and the Salt Lick

This is really short, but it's my favorite scene from the game. It's subtle, but breaks up the endless death and dying quite nicely, giving a good chuckle. 

Megaton Nuke + Aftermath

Oh, Fallout 3. How I love thee. 

Don't try to claim you didn't blow Megaton up at least once. I know you'll be lying because even those of us who play pure good 100 percent of the time have done it at least once. Because explosions are fun, and let's face it; Fallout encourages us to blow things up. I'm not sure what's more fun here, the explosion or seeing your "friend" afterward.

Uncharted 2 : Among Thieves Intro

My favorite thing about this opening scene is pretty much everything. This is an awesome combination of high-adrenaline cinematics and bad-assery. This is exactly why video games are so fun for me; I can do things I could only dream of doing in real life.

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