Ubisoft is celebrating its 30th anniversary and it already gave away 6 games, now it's time for Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon! But, don't forget to download BGE first.

2 Days Until Free Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon!

Ubisoft is celebrating its 30th anniversary and it already gave away 6 games, now it's time for Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon! But, don't forget to download BGE first.

This year, Ubisoft, one of the biggest video game publishers of all times, is celebrating its 30th anniversary. And what a celebration it is! Starting June 2016, they decided to give away 7 of their games for free. All you needed to do is register for Ubisoft club. Up until now, 5 games were free for download – Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Splinter Cell, Rayman Origins, The Crew and Beyond Good and Evil. The last one on the list is still available for download, until the 11th of November. On that day, the baton is passed to Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon.

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October – Beyond Good and Evil

Beyond Good and Evil
Source: Ubisoft

First of all, let’s say a few words about Beyond Good and Evil. The game was released in November 2003, exactly 13 years ago. Though it was almost a complete commercial failure, this game endured the test of time and became one of the fans’ favorites.

The game itself is an action-adventure, featuring Jade, a female heroine, and her uncle, a pig-man, Pey’J, on a quest to defeat alien invaders known as “DomZ.” The gameplay includes fighting, racing and stealth missions. Mechanically, it resembles Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, which was released in October the same Year. However, PoP was graphically more polished.

Being that it is quite old, the game doesn’t require you to have a beastly PC, not according to today’s standards at least. Even if you download a re-released 2011 HD version, you should be able to play it on any newer PC. Moreover, it is available on all major gaming systems since 2003 onwards.

November – Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon

Source: Flickr

Blood Dragon… well, this game… this game is something else. Far Cry itself is one of those ultra popular games that I never really enjoyed playing that much, except for the second one (I loved how the driving experience was realised). When FC3 was released 4 years ago, I didn’t hurry to get it, and when I eventually did, I was quick to get rid of it. It simply wasn’t to my taste. However, on April 30th 2013, Ubisoft released a FC3 spinoff called Blood Dragon.

Though people thought at first that it was an April 1st joke (since a teaser video and a website were launched on that date), it turned out Ubi was serious. Unlike Beyond Good and Evil, FC3 engine is quite more advanced and the requirements are much steeper, meaning you’ll need a good CPU and a good graphics card for gaming.

The game probably achieved bigger success than even Ubisoft could hope for. Even though it carries the feel of the 80’s, synthwave is becoming more and more popular among people who weren’t even born when it was originally created. So, it is only natural that a game which features soundtrack produced by Power Glove has good reception.

Glowing dinosaurs shooting lasers from their eyes, bazookas, explosions, neon glowing bright colors, laser miniguns, androids… the list can go on forever. All of that coated with TV scanlines and 80’s action movie punchlines is a recipe for a sleepless night! Or part of the night since the game lasts 5 hours, give or take.

Anyone who grew up watching classics like Terminator, RoboCop, Judge Dredd, Escape from New York and alike will surely appreciate a game like FC3 Blood Dragon, and if you haven’t already played it, use this chance and download it from Ubisoft until November 11th.

There is one month left until the last, and the 7th free game by Ubisoft is available. Just enough time to go over Beyond Good and Evil and two or three instances of FC3 Blood Dragon, because it is worth playing so many times.

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