20 Incredible League of Legends Cosplays

20 impressive cosplays from the infamous MOBA League of Legends.
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Chances are, you've heard of the addicting, seductive MOBA game that's taking the world by storm-- League of Legends. Well, where there's games there's nerds and where there's nerds, there's conventions being attended.

While these conventions are jam packed full of celebrity guests, magnificent vendors, and hilarious panels, there's also  a majority of attendees in costume dressed as his/her favorite anime/video game/comic book character. 

Here's a compilation of just a few breathtaking League of Legends cosplays. 

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Leona Cosplay by Missyeru

Photography by Elysiam Entertainment

When I saw this costume my mouth dropped open, then I looked over to my roommates and their mouths dropped open. Then we all sat there in silence.

If I didn't know any better, I would've thought this was the real deal. The icing on the impressed cake is the utter perfection of the sword and shield, it's perfect down to every detail. 

Blitzcrank Cosplay by Davidson Slim

This. Is. So. Awesome. 

This Blitzcrank cosplay is perfectly executed, and the "boxy" look really works! The hands pull this costume together, since this life size fist depiction would fit perfectly around a fleeing enemy.

Dark Valkyrie Diana Cosplay by Vickybunnyangel

Look at that weapon. Now look at the wings. Now back to the weapon. The attention to detail here is so impressive, I couldn't find any imperfections. 

Heartseeker Ashe Cosplay by Yaya Han

As well known as Yaya Han is, I honestly didn't recognize her here, which in cosplay world is a huge compliment. As perfect as the costume is, the weapon takes the outfit to the next level. 

Battle Born Kayle Cosplay by Shappi Workshop

All that armor makes Kayle cosplays pretty scarce. Not only did this cosplayer hit it out of the park, but each detail is excellent from the weapon, to the enormous wings, to the blonde hair. 

Fiddlesticks Cosplay by itchy Tasty! Cosplay

Normally, Fiddlesticks cosplays aren't exactly aesthetically appealing. In short, most of them look like a walking potato sack. This guy tore that standard apart by creating the most life-like portrayal I've ever seen. 

Jinx Cosplay by Fujiwara Kazuko

Unlike Kayle, Jinx is a fan favorite among League of Legends cosplayers. While some hit above the mark, and some are slightly unfortunate, this Jinx actually pulled off the crazy, deranged looks as well as an excellent costume. 

Thresh Cosplay by TidusSurya

OH MY LANTERN. This has got to be one of the greatest cosplays I've ever seen, without even using the League of Legends filter. Thresh is an undead, support champion which makes cosplaying him one fabric yard short of impossible. 


Twisted Fate Cosplay by Jynxed-Art

Although this Twisted Fate may not have the ability to stun and teleport, it would've fooled me. This cosplayer hit the nail on the head by even forming his facial hair to flawlessly match his character. 

Dryad Soraka Cosplay by Tine Marie Riis

Even more awe-inspiring than the ears, the hair, and the perfect body markings (which are all incredible), is the staff this cosplayer wields. That crescent is larger than her head. 

Garen Cosplay by Unknown :(

Although this Garen cosplayer isn't as large and bulky as the Demacian warrior, his mighty weapon and perfect shoulder plates make up for it. The cape blowing in the wind makes it all the more majestic as well. 

Leblanc Cosplay by Kristen Hughey

That death stare. The only way this cosplay could be any more immaculate is if she had a twin following her around; however, I don't think this cosplay could have been any better if she tried. 

Arcade Hecarim Cosplay by Danielle Beaulieu

THE RAINBOW PONY OF DEATH. I can just hear the arcade noises in the background as this performer gallops their way into the nearest convention, striking fear into the hearts of laners everywhere. 

Draven Cosplay by Shinrajunkie

Photography by SF Design

Like Jinx, there have been many Draven cosplays. What there isn't, is many cosplays that are done where the cosplayer's facial features and expressions imitate the character as so. 

Not to mention the impeccable weapons. 

Orianna Cosplay by Britthebadger

Woah. This one took me by surprise; I didn't even know this could happen in real life. Not only does this cosplayer include the wind up piece on the back of Orianna, but the ball is suspended in mid air for this photo, and something tells me it wasn't edited in. 

Haunted Zyra Cosplay by Danielle Beaulieu

Another impressive costume by the incredible Danielle Beaulieu (I think she's featured here 3 times, which was not on purpose). Most likely a skin that no one would attempt, this Haunted Zyra is executed perfectly, right down to the daring expression on her face. 

Desperado Cassiopeia Cosplay by Jerry Polence

Now, I'm not sure exactly how this cosplayer walked around with that tail, but she owned it. Here's hoping that this costume was award winning, because I've seen cosplayers /quit their costumes for being too uncomfortable which seems way less trying than this.  

Vladimir Cosplay by Mikot

Here's another great example of a person's likeness scarily resembling the character he/she is playing. Not only does this Vlad cosplay include the scarily pale skin and white hair, he's even got the ball. 

Frozen Shen Cosplay by CSL Cosplay

It's safe to say I'm impressed. Not only did this cosplay stand out among the crowd of other Shen costumes, but this photo drives it home. The intense greens really make the blues of the cosplay glow, just like the Frozen Shen skin in-game. 

Charred Maokai Cosplay by Danielle Beaulieu

Wow. If you weren't initially impressed by the details in the arms and legs, I'd like to direct you to the mask (if your eyes weren't there already). This cosplay actually scares me a little in real life, even knowing that there's a harmless cosplayer underneath the chilling bark. 

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