20 More Incredible League of Legends Cosplays

Adding to the original 20 I featured, here's 20 more breathtaking League of Legends cosplays to embarrassingly drool over.

For those of you as excited about my previous article as I was, I can fight the urge for more cosplays no longer. 

After narrowing such an inspiring original list down to 20, I decided the cosplay talent of the League of Legends community could not be confined to such a low number. 

While there are countless, impressive cosplay costumes out there, here are another round of 20 that caught my eye among the masses. 

Original Article: 20 Incredible League of Legends Cosplays
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Kitty Cat Katarina

Since I featured Danielle Beaulieu 3 times in my previous cosplay article, I thought it would only be abiding by standards to start my follow up article with her breathtaking Kitty Cat Katarina cosplay. 

Many females endure harassment for using cosplay as a way to play an over-sexualized role year round, instead of just on October 31st, but it's hard for any onlooker to deny her expert craftmanship. 

Cosplay: Danielle Beaulieu
Photography: Stephan Laroche

Koi Nami

Scrolling down, I almost missed this Koi Nami cosplay, originally assuming the photo was a drawing. 

I can only imagine the amount of hours this meticulous design required, from the perfect weapon and headpiece, to each scale on the suit, right down to the spot-on face makeup. 

Cosplay: Nereide Cosplay
Photographer: Pika Shoot


I know, right?

I don't think there's a plausible method to get any closer to perfect when it comes to this jaw-dropping Nautilus cosplay. I'm already wondering why I haven't seen this before? 

I'd also like to draw attention to the weapon that is even bigger than his costume. 

Cosplay: Skoll Cosplay
Photographer: crazyball


Originally, you may expect Yasuo's original skin to be a generally easy costume to make. 

However, you might change your mind when you gaze upon Yosh Play's incredible shoulder armor and sword. Everything is great, including the wig, and the rope belt just drives it home. 

Cosplay: Yosh Play
Photography: Danarki


Looking closely, the stitching on this costume is impeccable. Although the shuriken could have been slightly more accurate, the costume itself is notable. 

Cosplay: Ace T
Photographer: Templar Digital


If this was any more perfect, I would fully expect this Elise to press 'R' and turn into a spider at any given moment. 

Combining this amazing costume with an amazing photo just turns all the heads. Steve Groves, the photographer, did a beautiful job lighting the face and costume in a dramatic and enticing way. 

Cosplay: Brittthebadger
Photography: Steve Groves of ESI Media

Female Darius

After featuring Jynx Art's Twisted Fate cosplay in my last article, I noticed her marvelous craftmanship had been applied to many other League of Legends cosplays that my searching had looked over. 

This Darius, despite being a genderbent costume, couldn't have been any closer no matter what the gender. The armor looks real, and the blood stains on the axe actually make me a little nervous. 

Cosplay: Jynx Art & Cosplay
Photographer: Martin Wong


Another repeat offender, Missyeru has an extensive collection of League of Legends cosplays on her fan page below. 

Among the abundance, this Morgana cosplay caught my eye because of the alluring, realistic wings. 

Cosplay: Missyeru
Photographer: John Lynn from SNTP


It's one thing to just wear a costume, but it's another to actually play the character. This cosplayer even styled his hair to match Lucian's original skin, which adds to the already terrifying death stare. 

The tiny edit to make the guns glow is the perfect finishing touch to this costume, which was expertly made by Kenshin Photography.

Cosplay: Private Kaisser Cosplay
Photography: Kenshin Photography

Mecha Kha'Zix

If you reacted anything like me, this Mecha Kha'zix cosplay will have made you bounce up and down in your computer chair, furiously tapping the person next to you. 

Despite the entire costume looking like it was crafted from real metal, that beady yellow eye is piercing through to my quivering soul.

Cosplay: Thegadgetfish
Photographer: Cosportraits

Guard Tower

Just let it happen. 

Cosplay: Valentis
Photographer: PatiPat


Another Jynx Art feature, this original Vayne cosplay is captivating, right down to the cape and crossbow. 

Even though the costume is near-perfect, her attitude ties the entire ensemble together. That stare she's giving the camera really puts her into character, which breathes life into an already-amazing cosplay. 

Cosplay: Jynx Art & Cosplay
Photographer: Caperture Photography


Another incredible photo by crazyball, takes away nothing from this awe-inspiring Maokai cosplay. 

Believing this was originally statue, there are so many aspects of this costume I am genuinely in love with, I don't even know where to start. 

From the glowing face on his arm, to the sapling ready to explode in his hand, I could stare at this cosplay all day.

Cosplay: Leeki Cosplay
Photographer: crazyball


If you've been on the internet in the past few months, you would have seen at least one Teemo cosplay.

Guilty of being Teemo fan myself, it's refreshing to see this Teemo cosplay depict the actual facial features of the character. 

Cosplay: Blashina
Photography: Kashikosa


Another popular cosplay in the League of Legends community is the original Tryndamere skin. Although this king seems to be a fan favorite at conventions, this cosplayer's sword is something to marvel at. 

Cosplay: Owlsito de mierda
Photography: AOJ

Temple Jax

It's always exciting to see your favorite characters come to life. This Jax embodies that principal to the tee, right down to the lights glowing through the mask. 

To top off the impressive necklace and hat, the weapon is just awesome. 

Cosplay: Sushispitzz
Photographer: Laurent Tartavel


Everything about this costume is amazing. The weapon is cut perfectly, and we coincidentally also have the well-deserving winner of the Flaming-Ab-Painting contest of 2014. 

Cosplay: Kohalu Cosplay
Photographer: Marv Watson

Caster and Melee Minion


Cosplay: Waiting-For-The-End


Although I featured a Haunted Zyra in my previous article, this original Zyra is nothing short of breathtaking. 

It was difficult to choose just one photo to use in this article, but I wanted to highlight as much of the leaves, vines, and headpiece as possible. 

Cosplay: Issabel Cosplay
Photography: Studio Zahora

Leopard Nidalee

A perfect marriage between cosplay and photography, this is another fine example of a character literally coming to life on your computer screen. 

I'm personally a sucker for weapons, so besides the costume being perfect, the spear makes me a little too excited. 

Cosplay: Calssara Cosplay
Photography: Midgard

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