3 Games That Need to be Remade

I would love to see a remake of these three games.
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The current gaming market is awash with HD remakes. While I’m super happy to see games like Wind Waker and Kingdom Hearts getting the treatment, I sometimes wish that they would turn their attention to other games that have maybe fallen by the wayside. These are the games I would most like to see get remakes.

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Sid Meier’s Pirates

Pirates are awesome. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve thought that pirates were super cool. Sid Meier’s Pirates let me live out my dream of being a pirate on the open seas, commanding my fleet of ships to rob ships and dig up buried treasure. Assassin’s Creed 3 showed us that ship combat could be ridiculously awesome and I would love to see that sort of combat applied to Pirates. It would also give the designers a chance to improve on some aspects that I thought were lacking in the most recent remake. The ship combat was tons of fun, but it got a lot less interesting once you boarded the ship. Once on board, you would get into a sword fight with the opposing ship’s captain, which was really just a dull game of predicting the other guys easily telegraphed attacks. It would also be nice to have greater control over the customization of each ship in my fleet and the crew stationed on each of them. 


MindJack is not an old game. It was released in 2011 for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 and boy did it suck. The combat was generic, the AI was dumb as a brick, and it just wasn’t very fun. What it did have going for it was a rather interesting idea. The ability to take control of opponents or civilians is a smart idea that should have been explored much more. The most insulting part of MindJack is how little the idea was explored at all. 

I want to see MindJack retooled into something other than a generic third-person shooter. I would have made MindJack a stealth based action game. Infiltrating a facility by planning your route, using your mind control powers to eliminate guards or pass through bioscan security doors sounds like an insanely good time to me. Give the enemies a well designed AI and add a good story to the game, and you’ve got a game that I would definitely want to play.


Weaponlord was a 2D fighting game for the Genesis and Super Nintendo that was surprisingly advanced for its time. It was a weapon fighter and rumoured to be the inspiration for the Soul Caliber series; Weaponlord employed a blocking system similar to Street Fighter 3: Third Strike‘s parry system. 

I would be ecstatic to see this game get remade. The combat of the original is surprisingly deep and satisfying. A remake would give designers the chance to polish up the gameplay. Most of all, the game needs retouched animations, since the original’s were clunky and awkward.

What games would you like to see get a remake?

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