Even in the remastered version of the game, players still manage to find unusual and unique glitches!

4 of the Funniest Glitches in Skyrim: Special Edition

Even in the remastered version of the game, players still manage to find unusual and unique glitches!

One thing that almost always comes with open world games is the possibility of encountering glitches and bugs. Some can  be game-breaking, forcing players to reinstall or restart the game from scratch. Others can prove to be the complete opposite. Bethesda's games are notorious for many bugs and glitches.

With the release of SkyrimRemastered, many thought that since it's a remastered version, some of these glitches would be fixed. Well, clearly, they were wrong!

Here are some of the funniest, wackiest, and most unusual glitches that players have encountered in Skyrim: Remastered.  

Editor's note: The slideshow originally had 5 glitches. We have removed one of the slides at the video is no longer available. 8/19/20 

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(Video Credit: Yuuta Kenzigeki

As this player progressed through the main story line, he met the dragon Paarthunax, a key character that is crucial to the overall plot. However, as the player begins to have a conversation with the dragon, this happens!

"Now, I will answer your question..." said Paarthurnax, as he flew up into the sky, and started to perform aerial acrobatics out of nowhere. After enough flying, he proceeded to spin counter-clockwise in the sky, only to remain there for quite some time before descending. Unusual? Sure is! 

(Video Credit: MaCKe)

This one is completely out of control! As soon as the player starts a new game, the horse begins to jerk around and spin all over the place. It flips over the cart, and even clips into the ground. Then, the cart stops completely at the end. Funny? Sure! Especially the part around 1:00! But, by the looks of it, this one is definitely game-breaking since the cart does not move further...

Let's just hope that the player will be able to work around this glitch. It's funny, but pretty unfortunate at the same time.

(Video Credit: Aliem Gaming

This player was most likely exploring the wilderness of Skyrim when he came across this strange event. Upon killing his target, this happened. What kind of sorcery is this?! The victim's upper body morphed into the wall, only to come out through a different area of that same wall. It's almost like she entered the portal and the portal screwed up, causing her to deform and reemerge as this unfortunate mess...

I also encountered this glitch myself, but with wolves and Frostbite Spiders. Upon death, their heads were buried into the ground, exposing their lower body parts. I tried to "fix" this glitch. I pulled and pulled but without success...

(Video Credit: Aliem Gaming)

Who knew that dragons could freeze in midair? Though the video is short, this strange glitch shows that pretty much anything could happen during one's adventures through Skyrim. Now, use your imagination and pretend that there are multiple dragons frozen in the sky... what now?


There aren't that many Skyrim Remastered glitches...yet! I'm certain that as time progresses, users will find more funny and bizarre glitches that pertain to this game.  

YouTube is full of videos that showcase glitches found in Bethesda games. Fallout 4, Oblivion, the original Skyrim, you name it!

Have you yourself encountered a glitch in Skyrim: Remastered? If so, be sure to share it in the comments below!

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