4 Reason to Get Hype About Five Nights at Freddy’s 2

Five Nights at Freddy's 2 has more than a few reasons to get hype.

Five Nights at Freddy's 2 has more than a few reasons to get hype.

The Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 announcement has me hype, and I’m sure it’s got you that way too!

Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 is (surprise) out now!

If you saw my looks at things you may not have noticed and lore hints found in the first game, then you may have an inkling that I like Freddy’s a lot. For a game made in Macromedia Fusion, it brings a lot of atmosphere and playability to the table.

So what is there to even discuss about a game that isn’t even out yet? Well, how about the new animatronics?

The Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 trailer, as seen above and on the Steam Greenlight page, gives some brief looks at the new animatronics (refered to as bots from here on out), which appear to be redesigned versions of the original bots. Bonnie, Chika, Foxy, and even Freddy all have a more modern, friendly look.

So what is there to get hype about, aside from the fact we get another Freddy’s game? Well, how about..

1. No doors! A mask! New gameplay mechanics!

If you liked the safety of closed doors, you just might not be able to take what the Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 trailer promises: There are no doors, and hence no guaranteed safety.

Instead of the door mechanic, you can see what appears to be a new flashlight mechanic (to look outside the office instead of lights) in both the trailer and the promotional screenshots, a new mask mechanic in the trailer, and there are now two camera tabs at the bottom of the screen.

The mask

The mask may be a throwback to one of the phone messages in the first game, which hints you may be able to disguise yourself as an animatronic for safety. In the trailer, the mask is only used on the old Bonnie bot. Could this mean the mask is only meant to be used on the old bots?

One theory (the one I like best) states you may have to wear the mask on old bots for safety, but the new bots may not take so kindly to the mask as they are equipped with facial recognition technology. This seems to be the most plausible theory. You’re going to have to keep on your toes!

New warning symbols on a particular camera

This may seem like a small quality of life change at first glance, but this really appears to be an indicator for a particular new “bot.” This will be detailed below. 

2. New bots! And the old bots don’t look so good

Our old friends Bonnie, China, Foxy, and Freddy have been given redesigns for Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza’s grand re-opening. They look more modern and friendly, which may indicate Freddy’s 2 takes place several years after the first game.

They certainly look more friendly than the old ones.

The new designs are welcome additions to Freddy’s fans, but what about the old bots we’ve come to love? They’re still in the restaurant and they aren’t looking so hot.

Bonnie is possibly in the worst condition.

Old Bonnie is the one we’ve seen the most in the game’s current promotional material, though old Foxy can also be seen coming at the player in the trailer.

It is also likely the old and new bots come at you in different ways. One of the promotional shots shows the new Bonnie in an air duct, while new Bonnie appears to be more straightforward.

Interactions with the two sets of bots are likely to be different

As mentioned above, it’s a very real possibility the new mask mechanic will have to be used differently between the two primary sets of bots.

The old bots are dilapidated and have obviously seen better days. The trailer also states they are malfunctioning (though it is not clear whether both sets of bots are doing so).

They also almost certainly have no form of facial recognition technology considering they were built many years ago, but they can sort of recognize the difference between bots and humans (as indicated in the first game).

On the flip side, the new bots may be programmed not to do you harm as you are a Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza employee.

Yeah, definitely.. friendly?

It is most likely that wearing the mask in front of the new bots will get you killed, and wearing it in front of the old bots will save you.

3. The Marionette

If you took a close look at the posters in the trailer, you may have noticed this little anomaly at some of the children’s drawings:

Nothing like this had been present in the first game, and the fanbase went wild with theories over this mysterious entity. Why would it be present in two posters in one shot?

The game’s developer, Scott Cawthon, added a new image to his site a couple weeks ago with Cam 11 highlighted and the new warning symbol next to it.

Mysterious, right? More than you think!

Here is what the image contains if you brighten it up:

This is what is now refered to as the Marionette. It is hard to see in the image, but it appears to be hanging from the ceiling. It also does not seem to have legs — meaning this little guy is immobile. So why is there a warning sign next to his camera? We’ll find out when the game is released!

4. A whole new restaurant to peer at through security cameras and poop yourself in

Sure, this is still Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza.. but with some major overhauls to the building.

As you can see in most of the promo shots, there are now more rooms in the building and a whopping 12 cameras for the night security guard to keep an eye on. To you as a player, this is new territory — and it’s a lot to keep track of. Gameplay may be even more frantic than the first game.

Along with the new rooms are at least three entrances to the security room, which has no doors. In the trailer and the screenshots we can see the entrance to the left and the one at the front. Judging by the hallway and the camera to the right, there is an entrance on the right side as well.

So let’s break this down:

  • 12 rooms
  • 12 cameras
  • At least 9 bots (one of which potentially immobile)
  • 3 entrances to the security room
  • 0 doors
  • 1 security guard

Yeah, Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 sounds like a good time! I don’t know how we’re meant to survive, but I think we’ll manage.

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