5 Best Native Linux Games

These 5 games show that Linux gaming needs no defending.
This article is over 9 years old and may contain outdated information

Linux might have a small market share, which it actually splits between many different flavors, but that hasn't stopped gamers from using it religiously and developers from creating games for it.

Here are the five best games that you can play on Linux without the help of WINE or a virtual machine.

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Dota 2: Linux, PC, Mac

Dota 2 is a sequel to the famous Warcraft III mod, and Valve has done a masterful job following in the footsteps of League of Legends by creating an addictive free-to-play MOBA with Dota 2 that is available on both Linux and Windows.

The game seems to have less balancing issues than League, and lets players choose between all of its champions (of which there are many) for absolutely nothing.

The only thing you'll ever pay anything for in this game are visual upgrades, but whether you pay $0 or $100, you'll still have loads of fun with this MOBA.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO): Linux, PC, Mac

CS:GO is yet another game from Valve, and shows off the depth of talent within the company.

Not only is Valve maintaining and constantly updating Dota 2, but they are also doing the same thing with their first-person shooter, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive by not only creating an addictive game, but by also bringing it to Linux, not just Windows.

CS:GO is a fun to play, objective-based, infantry shooter. It takes the maps and modes from its predecessors and adds to them making a great game for players of all styles to enjoy. From ultra-competitive matchmaking to casual community-run modded servers, to fast-paced arms race and demolition modes, Global Offensive has something for everyone.

Borderlands 2: Linux, PC, Mac

A real, full-blown shooter? On Linux? It can't be! But it is. Gearbox Software brought Borderlands 2 to Linux with all the bells and whistles from every other platform.

If you're a fan of humor and shooters, this is your game. Enjoyable alone and all the way up to a party of four, Borderlands 2 can provide hours upon hours of fun.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown: Linux, PC, Mac

This revival of the classic series was a hit with the critics when it came out in September 2012, winning a BAFTA for strategy and a VGX Award for best PC game.

For strategy gamers, XCOM: Enemy Unknown simply cannot be beaten. Who wouldn't enjoy defending the human race from a planetary invasion? Especially on their Linux box.

Shadowrun Returns: Linux, PC, Mac

Didn't think we'd have an RPG on this list? Think again.

Shadowrun Returns is a series reboot of sorts, based off a very deep game in a sci-fi setting (just like the last game on our list, XCOM: Enemy Unknown). Shadowrun was originally a fictional tabletop RPG game.

This turn-based sci-fi meets fantasy adventure set in 2054 is loads of fun, and is the perfect game for any Linux gamer.

You'll spend hours battling with and against elves and orcs while trying to stick it to the man in this post-apocalyptic world.

Some Linux users might think that gaming on the platform needs defending, but these five games speak for themselves. 

Between the awards won and the hours played between this handful of Linux games and all of the other games available on the operating system, it looks like Linux gaming is alive and well and only getting better!

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