Get the skinny on Hispanic Heritage Month with 6 of the coolest Hispanic video game characters in gaming.

5 Coolest Hispanic Video Game Characters

Get the skinny on Hispanic Heritage Month with 6 of the coolest Hispanic video game characters in gaming.

In case you didn't know, September is Hispanic Heritage Month so there was no way we could end the month without a little Hispanic culture appreciation. 

Like with most things in life, there tends to be an underwhelming representation of cultures across the board and unfortunately, video games are included but that doesn't mean that representation doesn't exist. While you may have to turn over a few consoles, you'll find that some of the coolest characters in gaming happen to be Hispanic -- painful stereotypes not included. 

So let's hear it for Hispanic pride with these 5 coolest Hispanic video game characters.

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Character: Isabela Keyes

Game: Dead Rising 1,2 and 3

Sadly, there are a handful of female game characters that are mistaken for Hispanic which tends to make the list bigger than it actually is. Tekken's Christie and Katarina are not Hispanic, they are Brazilian and there is a big difference. However, if there was a handful of Hispanic female characters to choose from in the gaming world, hands down Isabela Keyes would be the best. From character styling, character development and game usage, Isabela is a perfect character to start this list off.

Originally a villain, Isabela does a 180 in the first installment of Dead Rising and it is only up from there. Not only is she one of the most well rounded Hispanic characters in gaming but also one of the most well rounded in the Dead Rising franchise allowing her to be an actual character instead of a pawn to game play. 


Character: Tyson Rios

Game: Army of Two

Whether or not you're into shooter style games, Rios is a character that you can't help but describe as "cool" and even "badass". He certainly isn't an stereotype which is all the more reason to love him when you find out he's Mexican-American.

Army of Two does an awesome job with depicting Rios' Hispanic pride through his tattoos which become somewhat of a narrative of his character; that is if you're vigilant enough to catch it. 

One tattoo reads vaya con dios which translates to "go with God" while the other; found on his left bicep, is an eagle which is customary for exported Mexican products. 

The fact that EA Montreal managed to create a character with Hispanic ties without being offensively stereotypical is beyond cool and just adds to Tyson's already badass character. 


Character: Dominic Santiago

Game: Gears of War

If there ever was a character that was beyond stereotypes and showed Latinos as being relatable characters, Gears of War's Dominic would be my pick. Despite his massive size and being in an intense environment, Dom is both a well developed and emotionally in-depth character you can't help but love and sympathize with. 

One big trait of Hispanic culture is undoubtedly a strong sense of family and his love for his lost family was a great addition to the overall characteristic for him. A nice touch to such an testosterone and action packed game. 

Character: Garcia Hotspur

Game: Shadows of the Damned

In my opinion, Shadows of the Damned was a pretty cool game but what made it more cool was the main character; Garcia. Admittedly, I never heard many people talking about this game but Hotspur; nonetheless, should be a mentioned character in this list of coolest Hispanic video game characters.

He's like a Mexican Dante but with an unclear history and just a little darker which is fitting for the game's atmosphere. Tattoos have been a common trait in portraying Hispanic characters and Hotspur has plenty of them granted without the typical gang affiliations. All in all, he's just a badass Mexicano who just wants to save his girlfriend and does it all with a shape shifting demon named Johnson. 



Character: King

Game: Tekken

Don't let the jaguar head fool you because residential Tekken fighter King is indeed Mexican. There are actually two Kings, King I who was featured in Tekken and Tekken 2 and King II who has been the character used in the rest of the franchise titles.

Inspired by Japanese wrestler Satoru Sayama and Mexican wrestler Fray Tormenta, this Mexican born character has quite the impressive, honorable and redemptive background which is greatly borrowed from Tormenta's good deed of becoming a masked wrestler in order to support a local orphanage.

If that isn't enough to make him a cool character, let's talk about the cool jaguar mask and killer move set that is a homage to Lucha Libre style wrestling. 

While there is a lack of Hispanic representation in gaming, it is in fact there but be sure not to mistake Latino characters as being Hispanic as it is easy to do. 

So, tell me who are some of your favourite Hispanic video game characters and why? Did any of them make the list? Sound of below and enjoy the rest of Hispanic Heritage Month!

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