Check out these unique video game related shops on Etsy and treat yourself (or a friend) to some new gifts!

5 Etsy shops to indulge your inner gamer

Check out these unique video game related shops on Etsy and treat yourself (or a friend) to some new gifts!

Looking to treat your inner gamer with some sweet new gear? Well, look no further! Etsy is always my go-to marketplace for unique finds. I've made a list of my favorite shops that have game-inspired swag.

Whether you're looking to treat yourself or a friend, these shops will definitely be your new-found heaven. There are loads of prints and accessories coming your way. I hope your body (and wallet) is ready. 

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Captain's Print Shop

Looking for prints? Captain's Print Shop has you covered! This shop offers prints inspired by video games, movies and TV shows. Featured above is the Fallout 11x17 print for $20. This shop has prints for titles like Bioshock, Pokemon, Destiny, and more. Mostly minimalist, these gamer art pieces will be a fun edition to your game room.

At the Drive In

Welcome to the wonderful world of dictionary prints. At the Drive In recycles old dictionary pages and reprints them with colorful prints inspired by video games, anime, and pop culture.

Fun fact: you can even request a specific word you want to have featured in the background to make the print even more special. For example, are you gettings an 8-bit heart printed? Request to get the word heart, love or even life featured in the back, and the artist will do their best to make it work! Featured above is The Legend of Zelda Link Dictionary Art, for $5.


The WiredLifeShop creates handmade video game-related pillows to geek up your home. Though it's mostly Zelda-related pillows, the shop also includes pillows inspired by Pokemon and League of Legends. Pictured is the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Owl Video Game Pillow for $35! 


It's time to clean those cartridges. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Pick up cartridge
  2. Add water

Voila! That's right, I said water. Digitalsoaps creates parodies of famous old-school games in the form of soap. The titles have punny little names that add to the appeal. For example, Tetris is changed to Wetris, and Pokemon to Soapemon.

Their soaps range from cartridges to controllers. Order your favorite form of geeky soap and surprise your house guests with these realistic remakes. The prices range from $14-$20.


From Dead Space to Mario Kart, Pixology has the minimal prints you've been looking for. Pixology takes iconic symbols from video games and creates minimalist art for fans. Each piece has the game name printed at the bottom in plain fine print. Pictured above is the Mario Kart-inspired print 11x17, for $20.

Do you know of any other Etsy shops that sell nerdtastic goodies? Let us know in the comments below!

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