Deck the Halls and your PC gameplay with these festive Minecraft Mods

5 Festive Christmas Minecraft Mods

Deck the Halls and your PC gameplay with these festive Minecraft Mods

Tis the season to get into Minecraft if you haven't already. In case you don't know, Minecraft is the most holiday friendly game to date and manned by some of the most creative modders across the web.

They not only know a thing or two about building but they are experts in bringing the festivities of Christmas into the world of Minecraft.

From Santa and his reindeer manned sleigh, Christmas trees, presents, festive decorations and more, celebrating Christmas in a second 3rd dimension is now possible with these joyous mods.

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The Spirit of Christmas Mod

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Let the spirit of Christmas rain down upon you courtesy of modder subzeroarmy. The mod aims to add a host of fun Christmas like elements to your game play without completely changing its usual simplistic function.

There are tons of goodies that come with this mod including Christmas themed building mods as well as The Grinch and Gingerbread mobs that all have special drops specific to their characters.

Christmas Craft Mod

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Crafting is only half of the battle when it comes to Minecraft but when you add a little bit of Christmas cheer to it you get this awesome Christmas Craft mod by Newt_head. 

This mod is all about building your own Christmas and you can do it by wrapping virtually anything in Christmas paper and gifting it, make Christmas-time treats courtesy of new times and recipes and even grow your own tree!

There's even festive holiday music you can choose from and an actually friendly Creeper mob known as Creeper Claus. However, if you're looking for the actual Santa, look no further as this mod has that too!

Christmas Festivities Mod 

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Like the other mods, creator eekysam created a fun Christmas mod that adds holiday items such as decorative blocks and holiday foods. Along with that, you get a magically cold winter wonderland through the new dimension called the Kringle.

Be sure to download this one to check out all the fun festivities and then some for yourself.


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Brace yourself, winter is coming. Wintercraft that is. Gruntpie224's Wintercraft has over 220K downloads and with reason as it has one of a kind features that set it apart from other Christmas themed Minecraft mods.

Such features include complete snow biomes, new animal and monsters to fit the snowy winter land and the ability to summon Santa to visit by leaving hot cocoa and cookies for him.

Christmas Bosses 

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While most people try to avoid fighting on Christmas, this Minecraft Pocket Edition mod is all about fighting.

Bosses aren't a new thing to the regular Minecraft adventure gameplay so why not add a festive spin on it? In this mod you have the ability to battle a gingerbread man, Angry Santa and a secret boss all for your holiday enjoyment.

Tis the season for gift giving and to be jolly, and these fabulously Christmas themed Minecraft mods surely deliver! And if there was a naughty or nice list for mods, these 5 would certainly make the nice list.

From gift wrapping, tree decorating, Christmas recipes, winter wonderlands and even a visit from Santa Claus, there is something for everyone to be enjoyed.

Whether or not you celebrate Christmas you can certainly add a little winter festivities to your next Minecraft game play this season. So, have it at it, Santa won't mind.

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