5 Final Fantasy Enemies I’d Not Share a Drink With

Final Fantasy has a host of enemies that'd be a nightmare to share a drink with. This is the 5 I'd avoid.
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I have this recurring nightmare, maybe twice a year. I walk into a bar, apart from it hurting, I see 5 familiar faces smiling back at me...

Those faces are of the 5 enemies from Final Fantasy that I would, under no circumstance, share a drink with. Ever. Now, they may not be the same 5 as what you would pick. I do encourage you to share your 5, I'd love to see how close our nightmares are...

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Jumbo Cactuar

Apart from him hitting me for all my HP +1, in Final Fantasy VIII, he is just an overgrown joker.

I can see it now, I'd be sat at the bar with some friends. I'd be having a nice conversation with them about what kind of damage my limit breaks can do, I'd mention a number like 6500, then Jumbo here would stick his curly 'stash in and gloat about his being "over 9000."

I'd quip back, thanks for the Guardian Force... bro.


What a hot-head!

No matter what is being discussed, this guy can't go more than 5 minutes without blowing his top. He makes a right mess to boot.

I think he does it, solely, to get out of buying a round.


Isn't he adorable?

He is great during power cuts and dividing the bill. It's a shame that takes so bloody long to get back with the drinks. It's just not nice to have to sneak to get my own drink, twice, whilst he fetches the one round.

Seifer Almasy 

More like 'Sighfier', am I right?!

This guy. First, he thinks he is some sort of hero. He never shuts up about his "heroic actions" during the Dollet incident, urgh. Next, he seems to think himself some sort of 'Han Solo' character, always going on about how he sliced first?

And don't even get me started on how he is a Donny Downer when it comes to childhood stories.


It's the height of summer, or any season for that matter, and you want to just escape the humdrum of life? Well, do not bring this guy along. 

You'll escape the humdrum all right, but you'll also be confined to a quarantine ward of your local hospital! He has no consideration for others, he'll spread his 'love' wherever he pleases...

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