5 games I am looking forward to this fall

This fall is going to have some huge releases, and these are the five that I am most looking forward to.

This fall is going to have some huge releases, and these are the five that I am most looking forward to.

Oh how we love fall. Starting in September, big title after big title releases, and gamers everywhere rejoice. 

In anticipation for this fall’s big releases, here are the five games coming out later this year that I can’t wait to play:

5. Fallout 4

I think since the E3 hype has faded a little bit, I have calmed down and leveled my expectations. That being said, I cannot wait to sink time into another huge, detailed, RPG experience made by Bethesda. I plan on dedicating a lot of time to Fallout 4, on top of the other games on my list.

4. Star Wars: Battlefront

I love Star Wars. So if this game can be another great Battlefront experience, it could potentially be my game of the year. Based on what I’ve seen of the game so far, I am thrilled. If this game can truly make me feel like I am actually battling in the Star Wars universe, it will be a success. And although we have battled on Hoth in countless games, I cannot wait to go back this fall and be immersed in what is arguably the greatest fictional universe ever created. 

3. Star Fox Zero

Star Fox Zero has me tentatively excited. It feels like it’s been so long since we have gotten a new Star Fox game, which is why this game is so high on my list. The controls and non-aerial combat have me a little bit concerned, but I feel that if the game sticks to what makes Star Fox great, it could be one of the year’s best releases. Here’s to high-flying action and countless barrel rolls. 

2. Halo 5: Guardians

I love Halo, so this is a no-brainer to me. I can’t wait to delve into a new multiplayer experience, and continue the story of Master Chief. With the way that Halo 4 ended, I have a lot of questions about where Chief is mentally and emotionally. Additionally, the whole “Hunt The Truth” conflict has me intrigued. Add in the fact that this is the first main series Halo of this generation, and I am very excited.

1. Super Mario Maker

I am so excited for this game, and we’re nearly a month away from its release. I look at all of the crazy levels that are being designed, and I am sold. I really want to see the community build this game into something special, with old and new levels being made. I want Mario mayhem, and at the same time, recreated classics like Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World. I know that some incredible levels will be made, and the 100 levels that come packaged with the game ensure that I’ll have something to do while to community builds fun and challenging experiences.

These are the five games coming out this year that I cannot wait to play, but I would love to hear what some of yours are. Let me know what games I missed in the comments!

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