5 Games That Will Make You Lose Track of Time

The top five games or game series that can eat up your time without noticing it.

We all have those games where we just lose track of time. Sometimes it's the story that catches us, and sometimes it's the heat of the moment. In this slideshow I'm going to cover the top five games or game series I lose track of time while playing.

League of Legends is pretty intense once teams start exchanging blows. Once the game ramps up, there's no time to think of anything other than surviving and killing your enemies. A game can last anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour, usually, but it can feel like forever if a match is particularly slow.

The Halo series has a great story and intense combat. The cutscenes aren't terribly long, and don't cut you from the action often. The higher the difficulty, the more intense the combat gets. It's possible to spend hours fighting through areas without even noticing. If you want to burn some time, Halo is a good way to go.

Here's a game that you might not expect. If you're like me and just have to get that rare Pokemon that shows up in any given area, you'll sit there walking around in circles for hours. The Pokemon games can be frustrating, though, so many people notice the time passing while playing the game. If you're not easily frustrated  by missing the Pokemon you're looking for, this game series is a good time sink.

Between Borderlands and Borderlands 2, there is a rich story with some intense combat. I recently picked up these games on Steam. While playing, I completely lost track of time and ended up going til 5:30 in the morning. It get's old if you've played the game several times, but for a first time player, these games will pass time very quickly.

The Final Fantasy series is the ultimate time sink. Whichever game is your favorite, you'll end up spending hours playing through it. For the most part, the turn-based combat isn't nearly as intense as other entries on this list.

Where you lose time is actually in the story. Final Fantasy games are played for their story; people get caught up in it very easily. Side quests are another way to lose yourselves in these games, but aren't as exciting. If you want a game where you can enjoy the story without stressing so much over combat, pick up a Final Fantasy game or two.