5 Geeky Green Costumes and How to Make Them

It's pretty awesome being green.
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Maybe it’s because St. Patrick’s day is almost upon us, maybe it’s because ‘being green’ is so popular nowadays, and maybe it’s because here at GameSkinny we’re a bit biased toward the color green in general… But whatever the reason, it seems like there are a lot of cool costumes to choose from if you’re a bit geeky and want to sport green for your next dressing-up-like-something-else event.

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Shout-out to the members at Cosplay.com for suggesting some of the best costumes to include!

1) Creeper from Minecraft

Minecraft creeper costumes are easy to make – if you or a friend have moved recently (or really like buying stuff online) then you probably have the basic supplies already. Low key versions can be as simple as a box for the Creeper head (left), more elaborate versions include telescoping legs (right).

How to make it:

A creeper head like the one shown here by Wizard-K is pretty simple: get a box that will fit over your head, cut some neck and eye holes, paint green pixels with reasonable accuracy.

For the fancy version, check out instructions by pjkumpon  on Instructables.


2) Poison Ivy from Batman

No geeky green list would be complete without including the queen of green herself. This well known Batman villain is often cloaked in ivy, making basic versions of her costume quick to assemble with an old bathing suit and a trip to the floral department of your local craft store.

How to Make it:

Instructions are posted at Mother Earth Projects, but if you have a needle and thread (or a hot glue gun) I’m pretty confident you can work it out.

Costume by Megan Marie via Craig Lotter


3) Green Plastic Army Men 

This one is an amusing classic, perfect not only for green themed events but also pranking on April Fools and Halloween parties.

How to Make It:

Instructions are available here. Pretty intense, but the payoff looks worth it. Spoilers:

“The trick was to get everything to be shiny. The uniform was coated with 2-3 layers of modpodge.” – Mike

How to make it, photos and costume by Mike


4) Dave Strider from Homestuck

Looking for something more current? Dave Strider has a three piece suit in bright green that’s bound to make a statement wherever you wear it. Also super safe for crossing streets, and makes it easy to be found in crowds.

How to make it:

Where does one find a green suit? One of two places:

  1. Your sewing machine
  2. A thrifted white suit and pack of green dye

Costume by Vartan Sharkpuncher

5) Link from Zelda

Looking to go the extra mile? It helps to have a horse. This awesome Link & Epona is by LinkInSpirit on deviantART, but if you’re looking for something a tad more achievable (and cheaper to board) then eric3dee on Instructables has a how-to that’s easy and quick.

How to Make it:
Eric’s instructions are easy (and score bonus points for being adorable).

The bottom line is that some brown boots, a big green shirt, brown belt and some white leggings are all you need to get your point across.

(But pointy ears, a pointy hat, and a pointy sword wouldn’t hurt.)

Have fun, and show off your geek pride!

Whether you’re looking for a geeky St. Patrick’s day costume, plan to really go all out celebrating Arbor Day, or just look good in green, pick a character you love and have fun!

Mint from Animal Magnetism by ~H~ on Cosplay.com

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