5 More Strange Video Games You Didn’t Know Existed

Here is a list of 5 more strange video games that you might not have known existed, some even stranger than the last.
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A few short weeks ago, we took a look at the 5 strangest video games you didn’t know existed. To follow in those footsteps we put together another list of games that are equally as strange or even more bizarre that you might not have known about. So let’s take a look!

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5. Typing of the Dead (Multi-platform, 1999)

If you ever visited an arcade in the 90’s or early 2000’s, you might have come across a popular arcade shooter entitled House of the Dead. Well, Typing of the Dead is the exact same game, but instead of shooting your enemies into oblivion, you type them to death instead. The strangest part about it is that the characters actually carry around their keyboards to bring the zombies to their imminent doom.

Instead of aiming for headshots, defeat zombies by typing the words that appear onscreen with each enemy as fast as you can. Type correctly, and the enemy goes down. If your typing skills aren't good enough, you'll take damage. Not only is this a brilliant take on one of the better arcade games from the past, it also improves your typing abilities. The best part might be the cheesy voice acting. Nonetheless, this game is still strange enough to make our list.

4. Mr. Mosquito (PS2, 2001)

Mr. Mosquito is by far one of the strangest games you'll ever play. This title puts you in control of the notorious and hated blood-sucking bug, with the singular goal of sucking as much blood as humanly possible from the poor Yamada family. The whole premise of the game is to stealthily fly around every room of the family's home until you find a sweet spot on one of the victims. But you have to be careful when drinking blood, because if you irritate their skin too much or are detected, you can be squashed in an instant.

Despite the fact that only female mosquitoes drink blood in real life, you still can take on the persona of Mr. Mosquito in this game and experience this weird title for yourself.

3. Space Station Silicon Valley (N64, 1998)

Space Station Silicon Valley: what a weird and quirky game, it was published in 1998 by DMA, now known as Rockstar North, who went on to create all your favorite Grand Theft Auto games. This game had so much going for it. In order to fully explore the station, you have to go and possess the corpses of the dead robot animals. Sounds strange enough right?

Space Station Silicon Valley is your run-of-the-mill platform game where you take control of a microchip named Evo. You must crawl about this space station/amusement park/zoo and take over the animal-robot hybrids that infest the area. This strange game was personally one of my favorites when I was younger, due to all the crazy animal-androids, including missile-launching dogs with wheels for feet, helicopter rabbits, and camels with turreted cannons instead of humps.

Even stranger is the complete lack of an ending. None. Basically you are stranded on this space station for an eternity, taking over these helpless robot animals, and using their lifeless bodies to complete any objectives that the level might give you.

2. Sneak King (Xbox and 360, 2006)

What can you buy for $4? Perhaps a nice pair of socks, a hot cup of joe, some chewing gum, etc.  Back in 2006, you could have walked into your local Burger King and picked yourself up a brand new copy of Sneak King,  one of the world’s strangest and creepiest video games.

When you play a game like this, it reminds us that these fast food establishments should stick to burgers and fries instead of voyaging into the video game universe. The premise is simple enough. You play as the Burger King, the disturbingly masked royal mascot of Burger King. Playing on one of the four maps, your goal is to sneak around and deliver burgers to random people before they pass out from starvation.

 However, for some unknown reason, you have to avoid being seen by anyone. I mean, who doesn’t like a creepy masked man showing up out of nowhere to deliver you some burgers?

1. Super Pii Pii Brothers (Wii, 2008)

You know the strangest of the strange would have to pretty darn strange, and Super Pii Pii Brothers certainly takes the cake of all cakes. You know it’s unbelievably strange when the name itself is not the weirdest part of this game.

This one just might be the undisputed ruler of the strange video games genre. It's a game based on peeing into a urinal. That's right. And you get extra points for peeing on animals. If that's not weird enough for you, then you should take a look at the Wii controller harness that comes with this game. It’s actually a jock strap you wear to keep the Wii-mote in the correct position for this game.  The overall idea is to help practice your bathroom skills, but nonetheless, this is the strangest of the strange and therefore number 1 on our list here.

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