We've all heard them, and most of them aren't true. But sometimes we wish they were...

5 myths about gamers that we wish were true

We've all heard them, and most of them aren't true. But sometimes we wish they were...
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Whether it's about being a fat guy who sits in his basement, or being immature, we've all heard the stereotypes about gamers. Some of them are just outright mean, while others aren't true in the slightest.

While stereotypes can be pretty bad, sometimes there's a stereotype that gets placed upon us that we really wouldn't mind - if it was true that is!

Today, we'll be looking at some of society's myths about gamers. However, we'll be breaking the mold by bringing you some myths that we gamers - or at least some of us - wish were actually true.

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"Gamers have no lives outside games!"

Why it's not true...

Nuh uh! We totally have a life! It's just on the interwebs!

Okay, seriously, though... The notion that gamers don't have lives outside of their video games is as ridiculous as saying that lions eat meat by choice. We need to get out sometimes too! After all, unless we're under the age of 18, who is going to do the laundry? Cook dinner? Pay the bills? Certainly not the tooth fairy!

Why we wish it was!

Never having to do anything but play video games all day? That'd be freakin' awesome! Where do I sign?

If gamers were given the chance to have no life outside of our video games then we could do whatever we want, provided it was within the realm of cyberspace! Besides, so much stuff outside causes cancer and all sorts of nasty things, so who wouldn't want to just stay inside all day and play video games? I sure would!

(Also, if the tooth fairy would like to pay off my student loan, that would be greatly appreciated. Just putting it out there...)

Image Source: South Park - Make Love, Not Warcraft

"Gamer Gurlz" vs Girls that play video games

Why it's not true...

Granted, there are some who match the stereotypes to the dot, not every female gamer fits into these two categories. There are some girls who play hardcore games, some that play for hardcore attention, and then there are some who play weird anime games that I'll never understand. The point is: there's as wide a variety of girls who play video games as there are Pokemon.

(For those who don't know, there's a lot of Pokemon. More than 151 nowadays for those who haven't played since the '90s...)

Why we wish it was!

Okay, maybe not all of us want this. However, it would certainly make some things a lot easier! I mean, imagine if you could tell a "Gamer Gurl" from a "Girl Gamer". Do you know how easy it would be to get an advantage in game? I'd pick the hardcore "Girl Gamer" who can get us a 100:0 score over that social media chick any day!

Image Source: xXSkittleSpittleXx

"All Gamer Girls are hot cosplayers!"

Why it's not true...

I'm not sure how this became a myth in the first place - considering people think we have no life and all - but this is about as realistic a belief as thinking your next door neighbour is a Playboy Cam-Girl who wants to come over for some "coffee." Seriously... it's not happening.

Why we wish it was!

Guys, you'd be lying if you said you wouldn't want to date a girl who plays video games, loves cosplay, and dressed up like your favorite video game gal! I mean... seriously! That'd be hot.

As for the girls, you know you'd be lying too if you said you wouldn't want to look stunning all the time, play video games all day, and dress up like your favorite video game characters! I mean... seriously! That'd be great!

Image Source: Eve Beauregard

"Are you playing Super Mario on your Nintendo?"

Why it's not true...

For the last time Mom, it's not a Nintendo, and it's not Super Mario! This was acceptable when I was on the PlayStation, or the Xbox, maybe when I was playing the Genesis... but on my Computer?! SERIOUSLY!

How does me playing Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void on my PC look like I'm playing Super Mario on the Nintendo. Explain this to me!

Gaming has evolved past the Nintendo console. In fact, it moved well past the Nintendo ever since the late '80s. Please, get it, right people...

Why we wish it was!

If everyone was playing a Nintendo, maybe we'd have a lot less of these console wars, and more unanimously enjoyed content. No more exclusives, no more buying a console because your friends have it, no more nothing! Besides, Nintendo's pretty much the only company to make sure every multiplayer title has some sort of split-screen multiplayer nowadays anyway!

"Only kids play video games!"

Why it's not true...

Easy. People grow up. Also, there's a reason there's something called the "M for Mature" rating. Kids play video games, teenagers play video games, adults play video games, and I'll be damned before I stop playing video games when I'm an old geezer!

(Although, if you parents could stop buying those games for your annoying 10-year-old kid who screams over the microphone all day, that'd be great...)

Why we wish it was!

Imagine a world where everyone was a kid at heart. A world where everyone took things easier, kept it in the game, and played to their heart's content... That's heaven right there, buddy.

(Also, if this myth was literal I wouldn't mind being immortal, even if it means I'd be a kid forever! Kids get away with everything!)

What about you guys? Are there any myths about gamers that you have heard that weren't mentioned here? Why do you wish they were true? Do you have a favorite out of this list? Leave your ideas in the comments section below!

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