Nintendo mobile games and Metroid for 3DS? Here are my five predictions for Nintendo's E3.

5 Nintendo E3 Predictions: It’s time for Metroid, Star Fox, and more to return

Nintendo mobile games and Metroid for 3DS? Here are my five predictions for Nintendo's E3.

It is merely days away from E3, the Mecca of video games. Companies will try to dazzle us with announcements, reveals, trailers, and gameplay.

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I am excited for all of the press conferences, but I can’t help but be extra excited for the Nintendo Digital Event.

Here are five predictions of what I think we will see. Some of these predictions are safer than others, but it is still fun to think about what we might lay our eyes on.

1. Nintendo mobile games

I predict that we will get a glimpse at Nintendo’s first entry into the mobile space (not to be confused with handheld space), as well as a release date. Nintendo has assured us that a mobile game will be coming out this year. What better way to unveil it than at E3.

2. Star Fox Wii U and Mario Maker release dates

I believe that we will get final release dates for two of Nintendo’s biggest 2015 titles. In addition, we will see gameplay from Star Fox, and hear about some of the cool pre-packaged levels that will come with Mario Maker.

3. Zelda Wii U

We will hear about Zelda Wii U. We have been told that we won’t, but we will. We will see more gameplay and get a rough timeframe of when it will come out, perhaps early or late 2016. I have to believe that we see or hear something after the game being delayed. 

4. New Metroid

It is time. Please, let it be time. It has been nearly five years since Metroid: Other M, and it is high time that we see the next entry in the Metroid series. This tweet has everyone very excited, and I am going to go out on a limb and say Metroid 3DS comes out this year. Yes, there will be a new Metroid, but it will be on 3DS. There is your bold prediction.

5. Smash Bros. DLC

This could actually be announced on June 14th’s Smash Bros. event, but I predict that we will hear results from the Smash Ballot, including the winner(s). We will hear about stage DLC, and the Miiverse stage that has already been revealed but not discussed. Fingers crossed for Shovel Knight, but I would not be surprised to see a Nintendo owned character.

Those are my Nintendo E3 predictions, give me some of your bold predictions in the comments!

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