Chandelure, multiple meteors, and energy made through the life force of Pokemon.

5 reasons humans wouldn’t survive in the Pokemon world

Chandelure, multiple meteors, and energy made through the life force of Pokemon.

The Pokémon world is filled with many mysteries, many life lessons, and many dangers.

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Underneath the numerous lessons of friendship that the game throws onto us, the Pokémon world is actually a pretty dangerous place when you consider some of the descriptions the Pokédex give some Pokémon such as Chandelure. However, the world of Pokémon isn’t dangerous JUST because of the Pokémon alone. There are definitely other things in that world that many trainers haven’t given a second thought.

5. The Kalos War “Ultimate Weapon”

A long time ago, the Kalos region went to war. AZ, who was part of the Kalos war, lost his Floette. In other words, it died.

AZ then created a machine to revive his Pokémon. This worked…however; it came with a huge causality. Many lives were lost, mainly Pokémon. Even after reviving his beloved Pokémon,

he was still angry with the ones who killed it and decided to turn the machine into a weapon and destroyed both sides with it.

Years later, Team Flare’s boss, Lysandre, finds this weapon and decides to try and take out not just Pokémon but EVERYONE in the Pokémon world. Just imagine this kind of weapon and people like Lysandre in our world. Unlike in the games, I doubt anyone would be able to do anything and Lysandre’s plan would succeed without any obstructions. 

4. Haunter & Chandelure

Haunter and Chandelure are both pretty cool Pokémon but when you look at their Pokédex descriptions throughout the games…well…then they’re just downright horrifying.

Here’s Haunter’s from Omega Ruby:

Haunter is a dangerous Pokémon. If one beckons you while floating in darkness, you must never approach it. This Pokémon will try to lick you with its tongue and steal your life away.

Now here’s Haunter’s description from Pokémon Y:

It licks with its gaseous tongue to steal the victim’s life force. It lurks in darkness for prey. 

So now, think about it. This isn’t just some random occurrence from time to time. This happens A LOT with Haunter! It waits for its victim and when it finds you, you can say goodbye to your life. Thankfully, if you were an informed trainer, you’d know not to come near it and hopefully, you’d save your own life. 

Now here’s Chandelure’s:

Being consumed in Chandelure’s flame burns up the spirit, leaving the body behind.

I believe this speaks for itself. Don’t let yourself touch Chandelure’s flames or else it’s over for you. In fact, Alpha Sapphire’s description says that you’ll basically be cursed to wander the living world forever so you can’t even rejoin your body like Ash Ketchum was able to back when he was travelling Kanto.

3. Team Rocket—or other organizations

The police force of the Pokémon world is…very incompetent. So incompetent that you’re basically the reason organizations like Team Rocket and Team Plasma are disbanded and dealt with.

However, like I mentioned in the Ultimate Weapon point, things wouldn’t work out so well in our world. Just imagine each and every team’s goal accomplished. New dimension, everyone’s dead, and the only sign of life is the weather fighting with each other AKA Groudon and Kyogre.

2. Hoenn (Omega/Alpha universe)


The Delta episode explains one thing about Hoenn… It has suffered one 

disaster after another. In fact, there’s one disaster that has never failed to re-appear and that’s the meteor. Imagine living in the Omega or Alpha universe with our current generation. All the meteors that would pass by and hit Earth is an amazing number—because the fact is, the only reason Rayquaza ever comes to save the day is because of the player coming to get them.

1. Infinity Energy

Anyone remember what Infinity Energy is made of? It’s made by the life force of Pokemon.

This is the lifeforce that was created when the Ultimate Weapon was launched and now it’s in the Devon Corporation’s hands but the problem is…the only way to create it is by using Pokemon’s lifeforce. Maybe they don’t use that much or maybe that do but the fact is, this could cause wars. Especially in our world, it definitely could cause some kind of chaos. Imagine the many people who’d want this energy for themselves!

The reason Infinity Energy is number 1 is simple. It can literally do an infinite amount of things. It’s the reason the Pokemon world or at least, Hoenn, has become so advanced in their technology so just imagine what could happen if that kind of energy fell in the wrong hands.

There are probably other dangers but with these take the cake. Is there anything that’s missing from the list?

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