Here's 5 reasons you should be excited for Ragnarok's Online spiritual successor, Tree of Savior.

5 Reasons to be excited for Tree of Savior

Here's 5 reasons you should be excited for Ragnarok's Online spiritual successor, Tree of Savior.
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It's been thirteen years since the release of Ragnarok Online. The gorgeous 2D MMORPG, from Korean developer Gravity, grew immensely in popularity up to over 40 million players over its lifetime.

The community is still going strong to this day even with the release of Ragnarok Online 2. The second game in the series launched in 2012 and was met with a less stellar popular reception compared to its predecessor, mustering a 3.5/10 Metacritic user score. The game also lacked the creator of the original game, Kim Hakkyu. 

Thirteen years following the release of his original masterpiece, Kim Hakkyu is now working on his spiritual successor to Ragnarok Online, Tree of Savior with new development team IMCGAMES. This game, unlike the sequel to Ragnarok, will stay true to the original 2.5D isometric graphics that made the first game famous. 

Tree of Savior has just launched its closed beta test for 5000 lucky North American gamers today. In tribute, here are 5 reasons to be excited for the upcoming release of Tree of Savior

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80 Character Classes

Tree of Savior will launch with 80 character classes and 10 class advancements. There is also plans of launching more classes in the future. Most MMORPG's have 5 or less classes. Tree of Savior is bound to have immersive character customization and development. Now the the 80 classes will stem as variations of swordsman, cleric, wizard, and archer. The game will also feature hidden classes as well. 

200 Bosses to conquer and 200 territories to explore

There will be over 200 bosses for you to battle in Tree of Savior. These bosses will range of field, raid, quest, and dungeon bosses. On top of the vast number of bosses to keep you occupied there will be over 200 locations to explore with three major cities. There will be no argument that this game is going to big. 

Joypad Mode! 

Tree of Savior will also feature a joypad mode when it launches. That's right, you can plug in your Xbox 360/One controller and throw down in the game. You'll be able to map commands and play as if it was on the console. Hey, maybe there will be a console port to PS4 or Xbox One? *Fingers Crossed* 

Real time combat and controls

Gone are the days of point and click, Tree of Savior will feature realtime combat and movement. This should add a new dimension to the 2.5D formula of Ragnarok Online.

It looks gorgeous

Last but not least, this game looks drop dead gorgeous. Featuring gorgeous character designs, slick combat animations, fearsome enemies, and breathtaking 3D backgrounds. This game will look amazing, as if it was a moving piece of art. 

All and all, this game is worth checking out for Ragnarok Online veterans or MMORPG fans alike. Expect more updates on Tree of Savior as we grow closer to open beta and beyond. 

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