5 Reasons Why I’ve Had the Time of My Life as a GameSkinny Intern

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So there has been a reason why I’m up to date on all the latest gaming news and playing video games all day, everyday. I’ve been an intern at GameSkinny silly! I’ve had the time of my life!

1. Imma guuder writer, y’all.

Well, I wasn’t that bad but I can definitely see my writing improve as a journalist. When you have to get an article out everyday, some only an hour after they were assigned, your writing technique changes a little. Mine is honestly for the better.

2. I’ve made some great friends!

No seriously, we talk about everything. Girls, pwning noobs on COD…yah know…guy stuff. We really just talk about our lives and what we love to do. It’s great to meet people that love the same things that you do. Not only that, but people who can teach you things. I’ve learned so much through my teammates that I can go out and be successful! Well, I wouldn’t go that far.

3. Katy is the bomb.gov

That’s not a real website…so don’t look it up or you might be flagged by the FBI! Katy, our tireless Queen of the Interns, has been an excellent intern coordinator. She is always looking for ways to make the internship better. She is invested and has everyone’s interests in mind, which is one of the best parts. She wants to see us succeed as writers, and if we can get some traffic to the site – then that’s great!

4. I can now say that I am a big shot published writer.

Yes, my dear boy (Yay, Wilfred reference). I am up there with the big shots. Today, GameSkinny, tomorrow, the New York Times! Okay, I don’t actually want to write for the New York Times, nothing against them or anything. It is great to tell people that they can read your writing somewhere. It’s fun, not to mention my grandmother can hold it over everyone’s heads in that small Mississippi town. It just looks better when you can send people your work, whether it be a friend or maybe a future employer.

5. Gosh, I just love video games.

Getting to write about something your passionate about it amazing. I had fallen out of gaming for a bit, but this has definitely made it easier for me to get back in there. I find myself spending money on games instead of makeup and other trivial things (although I do still love makeup). GameSkinny is a perfect way to show what you know, while learning in the process. Even though I didn’t know too much about gaming journalism in the beginning, now I’ve learned so much and have become a better writer because of this internship!

If you’re interested in becoming an intern for GameSkinny, I suggest following this link. The application is due soon so get on it! You won’t regret it!

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