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5 Resident Evil Games Capcom Could Remake Next

Which Resident Evil games are most likely to be remade next?

With up to five Resident Evil remakes rumored to be in progress at Capcom’s studios, it’s possible to start guessing at which games are most likely to be remade next. Here’s a list of 5 Resident Evil games Capcom could remake next, considering their current pattern for remakes.

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Resident Evil: 5 Games Capcom Could Remake Next

5. Resident Evil 1

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Hear me out. I know Capcom remastered and remade RE1 a few times now. However, it hasn’t received the same treatment as the remakes of other early RE games. It still uses stationary cameras and keeps the option to use tank controls. However, the original RE game would become a completely new experience if it were remade with an over-the-shoulder camera instead. 

We’d see new details in the mansion and experience the horrors inside it in a new way. Enemies that are in your face and closer to the camera often feel more frightening than enemies that appear in a room seen with a stationary camera. That setup puts a lot of distance between the enemy and the player, which also reduces its creepiness. Such a project would be huge, of course, but it’s not outside the realm of possibility that this could be one of the rumored remakes that are in progress.

4. Resident Evil 6

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So far, Capcom has made remakes in chronological order. If they continue this pattern, then RE5 is next since the most recent remake is Resident Evil 4 Remake. However, if the rumors that multiple remakes are in progress right now are true, then it’s possible that RE6 is among them. But considering that RE6 is far from being a fan favorite, remaking it becomes a huge task if the developers want to tackle the complaints about it and stick with the reimagining of games they’ve been doing instead of just remastering it.

While playing through Resident Evil 6 with a friend is fun, it doesn’t feel like it fits in the franchise. Remaking it would give Capcom the chance to reduce the scale of conflict in the game from global to the usual city-wide outbreak crisis, and they could also pull away from the action-heavy gameplay. The result would be a game that feels more like a traditional RE, but it would also basically need to be an entirely new game.

3. Resident Evil 5

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Since RE4 has been remade, Resident Evil 5 would likely be next. Like RE6, players expressed multiple complaints that need addressing if a remake wants more success. The AI for Sheva when playing solo is clunky at best, but it sometimes feels impossible to get through a game using that AI, meaning you need a friend to run through the campaign with you.

Other problems include how linear the map is and how few puzzles are included in the game. You can basically keep moving forward and not have to worry if you’re going the right way. Just shoot at the zombies and keep moving. I love RE5 as a game to play with a friend, but there’s really no horror to it. It feels like a standard action game, and a remake provides a chance to bring it back to the series’ survival horror roots.

2. Resident Evil Revelations

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Resident Evil Revelations is a spinoff game that takes place before the events of RE5, and it feels like a hidden gem in this franchise. However, since it was originally released for the Nintendo 3DS, its ports to consoles don’t look great.

The story and gameplay itself are a lot of fun, and it feels like a classic RE game. As such, the biggest task that a remake would need to complete is polishing the graphics, controls, and combat to be smoother on consoles and PCs. It’s a shame that such a fun and interesting RE game ended up limited to the 3DS, and now its ports aren’t up to the same level of quality as the mainline games.

1. Resident Evil Code: Veronica

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Code: Veronica isn’t part of the mainline RE games, and it instead follows Claire after the events of RE2. Umbrella captures Claire while she looks for her brother, Chris. So, she ends up escaping the remote prison island Umbrella put her in.

The game received a lot of praise and great reception after its release, and that only adds to the frustration that players feel regarding the fact that it hasn’t received a remake yet. Especially when games that were already more accessible and newer like RE4 have been remade. Even though it’s technically a side game, Resident Evil Code: Veronica truly deserves a remake and a spot among the mainline games.

And those are 5 Resident Evil games Capcom could remake next. Right now, it’s tough to tell which game will be remade and how many remakes Capcom is currently working on. But each entry on this list certainly deserves another chance through a remake. From here, check out more spooky content like the 10 best liminal space horror games or the 10 best puzzle-based horror games.

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