5 Steps of Committing to Play an RPG

Tips on how to decide if an RPG game is for you

Tips on how to decide if an RPG game is for you

RPGs, or Role-playing Games, can provide a great gaming experience – particularly if you are interested in compelling storylines and lots of choices when it comes to what you look like and how you interact with others.  However, playing an RPG usually requires you to invest a lot more time and energy than other types of games.

With that in mind, here are five steps to consider before you commit to an RPG:

What do you want out of a game?

Do you want a game that focuses more on action, but still has some story and character development like the Final Fantasy series? Maybe you would prefer an MMORPG – a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, like World of Warcraft. Figure out what elements of games most interest you, and look for games that have the most of what you are looking for.


A good thing to do when deciding whether or not to buy and play a game, is a whole lot of research. 

After step #1, hopefully you’ve narrowed down the numerous options in the RPG world to find a few that interest you the most. Make sure that the RPG you plan on investing so much of your time in, will really keep your attention, and make you want to stick with it. Check out reviews; see what other people are saying about it. Perhaps wait until after it comes out, and find out how well it was received before making a decision. Try looking for at least a general idea of how many hours the game might be to complete. 

Re-playability and Cost

One of the pros of RPGs is they often have several choice options, which makes multiple different playthroughs possible. Some gamers like this because it’s more cost-effective: why pay money for a game you’ll only play once, when you can buy another that you’ll play several times? 

If re-playability is something you care about, make sure that you look for a game that has the potential for a lot of playthroughs. Also, make sure that you consider the price of the game. Here are a few tips for gaming on a budget if you are unsure the game is worth the cost.

Set Aside Time to Play

Once you’ve chosen a game, it’s time to prepare for actually playing it. If the game holds your interest, chances are you’ll want to devote a large amount of your time to playing it. It’s a good idea to hold off until you know you’ll have plenty of free time to do so. 

Be Prepared to Choose Carefully

RPGs are often less restrictive than other games, as far as choices go. There are usually main events that need to happen, but a player has different options on how to handle what happens. This means that, at least for some RPGs, ( like the Fable, Dragon Age, and Mass Effect series), your choices can have a significant effect on later events. The first time playing is always the most difficult, because you’re never completely sure what your actions will do. Make sure you are ready to carefully consider your choices. 

Hopefully, after going through these steps, you’ll feel prepared to commit to playing an RPG. If you’re still unsure which game to choose check out IGN’s “Top 100 RPGs of all-time” for some ideas. Have fun gaming!

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