People have a lot of hate for friendly characters. Here are some prime examples.

5 Types of Hatred for Likable Characters

People have a lot of hate for friendly characters. Here are some prime examples.
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Sometimes, no matter how nice or helpful a character is, you just don’t like them. I scoured the Internet for accounts of hatred toward likable video game characters, and some of the comments brought tears to my eyes. You know, the tears you shed when you’ve laughed so hard that you’re actually in physical pain. Here’s a countdown of some different types of hatred, courtesy of your fellow netizens.

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5. Misguided Hatred: Queen Minnie (Kingdom Hearts)

“Queen Minnie, for being a draconian tyrant and no one calling her on it.”

– KrytenKoro

Many Kingdom Hearts characters are disliked for being either ridiculously difficult enemies, or just downright useless allies. However, the claims made by KrytenKoro against Queen Minnie are entirely political.

I myself thought back on my time with the games, looking for evidence to support this harsh accusation, and, unsurprisingly, came up empty-handed. Sorry, Kryten Koro, but you’re probably alone on this one. The only evil I see in Minnie is lurking in those big, empty eyes… and I feel that way about all anthropomorphic animals.

4. Poetic Hatred: Tom Nook (Animal Crossing)

“Tom Nook is an Eldritch abomination who exists off of human greed, and has created a pocket dimension where he leads unsuspecting victims to gorge himself.”

– burnpsy

This one legitimately sounds like the lore entry of an ancient demon. It’s actually kind of romantic how harsh it is. I’m upset the author doesn’t hate me, because nobody that does has ever stolen my heart so.

As for this theory on Tom Nook’s existence, I agree that this is pretty much canon. Tom basically enslaves the player in their own home and makes them work for a living. Why would anyone ever want to do that? It’s not the point of the game or anything.

3. Reverse Hatred: Tingle (Legend of Zelda)

“People are intimidated by his entrepreneurial and capitalistic drive, swankfashion sense, and how Nintendo somehow doesn’t treat him as a villain even though he is a known thief, kidnapper and slave master.”

– Earthpainting

Okay, so Tingle has a shady past. He’ll overcharge you for maps, steal your force gems, and generally just be a creep, BUT… Nah, I got nothing. I personally think it’s cool how they fit so much not-okay into such a little green guy. And look how happy he is about it!

2. Irrevocable Hatred: Princess Peach & Princess Daisy


– my cousin

2-for-1 special! Many years ago, my cousin and I were playing Mario Kart: Double Dash!! when the unexpected happened. Princess Peach and Princess Daisy came out of the blue, tore past my cousin on the final stretch, and stole first place right out of her hands. A hatred like none other was born that day, as it was the last day Daisy was ever Daisy. My cousin promptly renamed her “Plum”, with the two princesses becoming a singular malicious entity by the name of “Peach and Plum.” To this day she despises absolutely everything about Peach and Plum, and this, I know, will never change.


1. I Hate You Because I Do: Aerith Gainsborough (Final Fantasy)

I was happy when she died
*runs to hide*



I laughed. A lot. I’ll just leave it at that.

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