5 Video Game Twitter Accounts Everyone Should Follow

Video game oriented Twitter accounts that are a must to follow.
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Twitter is filled with copious amounts of accounts, and some are very great to follow. Although there are many to choose from, there are a few that would be fantastic for those who love video games.

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Smosh Games

I absolutely love these guys (and girl) on Twitter and YouTube. Not only do they bring you hot news about video games, but they have different episodes that are very comical. Among their six members, one of the funniest I find is Joshua Ovenshire (@TheJovenshire). The team of 5 always finds a way to make fun of Jovenshire in almost every video. At Smosh Games they go beyond the remedial walk-through and gameplays, and bring to their fanbase unique videos pertaining to video game culture with a hint of comedy.

An example of the videos behind Smosh Games would be their Monday edition of “Why We’re Single”, where they choose a subject and discuss. Early in October they chose “Games We Hate”.

The Minecraft Guys – Notch and Jeb

Being a really big Minecraft fan I find it a must to follow Notch and Jeb. They might not be as funny as Smosh Games, but they do give you information about Minecraft whenever they feel like teasing us with previews. To get the Minecraft news immediately, you’ll have to follow these two hooligans.

The Terraria Mastermind, Andrew Spinks

Another great game very similar to Minecraft is Terraria. I enjoy following Andrew Spinks as he divulges news about Terraria as updates are pouring out. An example of his news would be the newest Terraria Halloween update involving the Creeper Costume. He does a fantastic job of not spamming his Twitter, but also giving great information at the same time.

Parody Master, CaptainSparklez

If you’re a fan of CaptainSparklez parody videos, you’ll just love following his Twitter and YouTube. Although he is mostly popular because of his parodies, he also does great Minecraft lets play videos from “The Dropper” to “Hunger Games”.

You might know CaptainSparklez from his original video, “Take Back the Night” performed by TryHardNinja. This would be the sequel to the ever popular, “Fallen Kingdom” parody of Coldplay’s Viva la Vida.

Lastly is Steam

Although this isn’t a gamer account, this Twitter account does incorporate many games and news. By following Steam’s Twitter, you’ll have immediate access to game updates, news, and early access opportunities. I find this to be one of the best accounts to follow unless you want to search all over Steam for the newest releases. You’ll find on their Twitter that they will not only tweet about releases but also sales, which is great for the holiday season.

If you feel as though I’ve neglected a Twitter account, share with the class and comment below so we may cover all bases on Twitter with our love of gaming.

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