7 badass video game ladies you probably had (or still have) a crush on

7 ladies you wish were real, in other words.

Don't lie to yourself. We've all been there. 

Games are far more complicated than what they used to be. They've become something more than what we just do for entertainment. We're watching stories, interactive stories unfold with ourselves being the main character more often than not. 

So, it's not that uncommon that we just might become a bit more attached than normal with some of the badass, attractive characters we interact with in-game. 

Right, now that my excuses are established and out the way, let's get on with it!

There will be (very) minor spoilers regarding certain characters. I'll try to gloss over most, but you have been warned! 


Pretty much everyone has played The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim by now...unless you absolutely hate RPG's for some reason (you're weird).

It was a cool gimmick being able to marry certain NPCs in game but this vampiress refuses you no matter how many times you ask her, even getting annoyed with you for doing so!  

It's like Bethesda added this woman as a prank. She's probably the prettiest lady in this game (Aela coming in a close second), spouts off a bunch of unique lines, is actually useful as a companion, bonds with you (a lot) while doing her quest line (one whole expansion worth)...

And then cruelly denies you when you ask for her hand in marriage saying something about temples scaring her and whatnot. 

I only cried for two minutes before Fus-Ro-Dah'ing her off a cliff. 

PS - I know you can use mods to get her to marry you. But c'mon...that's like, cheating. 


When Cortana sacrificed herself for Master Chief, that moment is high up there along with a few other games which managed to hit me right where it hurts.

Halo 4 felt more like a tragic love story than anything. Anyone who played the previous installments of this franchise knows that you as Master Chief and Cortana have a sort of friendship that seemed to only develop with each sequel.

Halo 4 was what really fleshed Cortana out as a character for me. Playing through this game eventually made me stop caring about the grand scheme of things in the Halo universe and more about just saving Cortana, exactly what Master Chief was/is doing. Even if she's just a 'synthetic intelligence'. 

Here's hoping Halo 5: Guardians sees her returning. I'm with ya all the way Chief, let's get Cortana back! 

Lara Croft

I loved the Tomb Raider reboot for one thing and one thing alone; Lara Croft's makeover. 

Playing through the game, it's inevitable you begin to watch out for her. She's just so darn innocent (and pretty, by gosh she's pretty) that you can't help but cringe whenever you mess up and see her die a horrible death. 

And there's that sense of satisfaction as you watch her slow transformation into the badass we know Lara Croft to be.

Sylvanas Windrunner

So I tend to fall for the ones that would most likely end up killing me. Not so different from real life.

Alright, so I know there's a slight problem with her being....erm...kinda dead.

Her story is a tragic one. But hey, I sympathize with her. What other choice did she have for doing what she did and doing what she continues to do? Plus she's drop dead (ha!) gorgeous.

She's the reason I've sworn myself to the Horde (Undead Rogues ftw). If she ever abandons them and goes on to become a neutral party, I better have the option to go with her.  


Claire (Lightning) Farron

I never understood the hate for Final Fantasy XIII and it's sequel. Maybe it's because it was the first ever final fantasy game I ever played. 

But I digress. Lightning is yet another woman I've developed a small obsession with. Yeah, she doesn't have too much going on apart from being a generic super-cool badass of a character but isn't that enough?


I won't lie. Tharja from The Fire Emblem creeps me out sometimes.

She's scary in her whole stalker-ish kinda way, but she grew on me. Hell, I found myself thinking her rather unhealthy obsession with the avatar (you) rather cute. 

Plus there's the added bonus she actually has a crush on you as well for a change. Hallelujah! 

The Doll


The Doll from Bloodborne. 

She's the hunter's only light in the nightmare he or she suffers from, she makes you stronger, she tells you that she loves you, and last but not least...

She claps when you cheer. 

Why wouldn't I fall for her as so many other hunters have? 

Bonus: Braum

This is Braum.

Look at those muscles. 

Those tattoos. 

And that glorious mustache. 

How can you not feel all warm and fuzzy inside?!

Alright, so this is a list of reasons why I'm single. I know I missed out on a lot of dames that are universally approved as 'waifu' material. Who's your personal video game crush? It'd make me feel less sad knowing I'm not the only one with a list like this.