The perfect presents for the geeky mom.

7 Geeky Gifts For Gamer Moms On Mother’s Day

The perfect presents for the geeky mom.
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For some of us, candy and flowers just can't adequately express how awesome we think Mom is.

When your mom shares your love of all things geek chic, you need to step up your game to show her just how much you appreciate her.

Here are a few suggestions to make this Mother's Day the best one ever for your gamer mom.

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Build Your Own European Style Charm Bracelet 

Think Geek

If Mom loves video games but loves her jewelry, too, build her a charm bracelet with these fantastically nerdy charms. With everything from console controllers to the Portal Companion Cube available, you're sure to put together a gift that's as unique and beautiful as she is.

Price: bracelet starts at $24.99, price per charm varies

Pashmina Game Console Controller Scarf 

Etsy Seller Cyberoptix

Spring is here, but sometimes the air is still a bit chilly. What better way to fend off a light breeze and make a statement about your favorite hobby at the same time than by wearing this controller-spangled pashmina scarf? Sold in a variety of colors, you're sure to find one that Mom will love.

Price: $44.00

The Legend of Zelda Link Stained Glass Mug 

Etsy seller TheMugEmporium

Some of us just can't function first thing in the morning without our first mug of coffee...and an hour or two on our favorite game. Give Mom a reminder of the classic series every time she gets her morning cup of coffee or tea.

Price: $12.00

20-Sided (d20) Ring


Ever go somewhere and get the random urge to play a bit of Dungeons & Dragons, but find yourself without any dice because you left your handy, dandy dice bag at home? Well, give Mom a d20 ring, and that will never be a problem. The folks at CritSuccess make a variety of these dice "spinner" rings, so you can get her one for just about any type of dice roll!

Price: $19.99

Tetris 3D Cushions 


Bright, colorful, comfortable and fun, this collection of five Tetris tetrimino cushions can liven up any room. Not only do they make a great conversation piece, they can also be almost as entertaining as playing the game itself! Toss them on the couch or the bed for that perfect, geeky touch.

Price: $99.00

Crochet Sackboy Plush 

Etsy seller LesFolichonneries

Does Mom spend as much time playing the Little Big Planet series as you do? Then how could she live without this adorable Sackboy plush? This cute handmade plush can be made with or without the zipper. (As an added bonus: this seller makes other beloved video game characters into cuddly little dolls, too.)

Price: $12.59

Handbag of Holding


Wherever they go, moms tend to carry a lot of stuff. Always prepared for any situation, they have a tissue when you sneeze, a snack when you're hungry, a book when you (or they) want to read. But where do they keep it all? Like any good adventurer, your mom can keep all her supplies in this nifty Handbag of Holding. (Nondimensional space not included. We strongly advise you to keep the Handbag of Holding away from any and all Portable Holes).

Price: $49.99


Now you have a few things to get a running start on shopping for your gamer mom this Mother's Day. Find the perfect gift and not only will Mom be thrilled with your thoughtfulness, she may just overlook the fact that you (both) forgot to do the dishes when you were playing games last night.

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