Get the skinny on 7 awesome Halloween skins you can download to get into the spirit!

7 Halloween Minecraft Skins To Spook You Silly

Get the skinny on 7 awesome Halloween skins you can download to get into the spirit!
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When it comes to in-game customization, Minecraft is undoubtedly at the top of the list when it comes to their nearly unlimited custom options. That's the beauty of skins -- and this Halloween there are plenty to choose from.

The creative community fansite Planet Minecraft offers tons of fan made skins to help you spook out your characters by customizing your favorite game. Keep reading to check out 8 spooktacular Halloween themed skins!


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Pumpkin King


Don't let Jack Skellington be the only Pumpkin King. Kefka of Planet Minecraft created this awesome download-ready Pumpkin King skin that will not only make you feel like the king of Minecraft, but also the king of Halloween.

Did I mention he has a pretty sweet suit? What's not to love?

Scream 4


If you appreciate classics, you're going to definitely appreciate this one. While it isn't as scary a character as in the movie, it certainly is a great download to really to bring the hack-and-slash from the big screen to the world of Minecraft.

Swamp Glob


It came from the swamp, and now it is ready to make its way to your list of downloads. Honestly, it looks a little like Mike from Monsters Inc, but hey -- that works too! You can still show the Creepers how to really wear green all the way, reminding them that they're not the only monster on the block.

Swamp Lurker


Need another swamp monster option? Try out the Swamp Lurker skin. Green and brown pixels blend together to make this mossy creation pop for a little Halloween fun. 



Skeletons are always in for Halloween and this wraith is a great alternative to the typical bag and bones. The greyscale nature of this skin makes a great ghoul for a little Minecraft haunting.


Halloween Clown Boy


With famous horror classics such as IT and Killer Clowns from Space, you can't help but want to include a creepy clown. Bright colors and array of bloody textures make this skin ready for both Halloween and download. 



What's Halloween without a zombie? Not a lot. So be sure to check out the download link and zombify your Minecraft world with this awesome walking dead skin from SuicideWolf

Do you customize your Minecraft characters at Halloween? If so, what's your go to Halloween skin? Have you tried any on this list? Let us know in the comments and be sure to share links of some of your favorite Halloween skins!

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