7 New Uses for Old Consoles

If you're keeping your older systems around, re-purpose them using these ideas for inspiration!
This article is over 10 years old and may contain outdated information

The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have been released, and many people are left with out-dated consoles on their hands. Now what? If you're not keeping your older systems around, re-purpose them! Here are some ideas for how. 

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Even if you haven't upgraded to the Xbox One yet, you still probably have a messed up controller lying around. While the directional keys and triggers won't *actually* control your dog, you can still look snazzy with this Xbox 360 Controller Leash. With your dog and your controller at your side, the outside world won't know what hit it!

So, maybe the inside world is scarier than the world outside for you. We've still got you covered! Follow these instructions via Instructable to make your very own NES Controller Night Light in Resin to light up your own game cave. 

The ubiquity of smart phones has made docks a must have for smart owners. This iPhone dock made from a Playstation controller is one of my favorite hacks, and also one of the easier DIY projects on this list. That said, if you're lazy you can buy charging docks made from NES controllers and N64 controllers more easily.  

This Game Boy Color transformed into BMO is the closest you're likely to get to experiencing Adventure Time in your personal life. BMO will be both your cute (if slightly outdated) companion, even letting you go so far as to play games on him. 

Look, you can buy USB controllers online for pretty cheap. But if you want your experience to be a little more authentic, you can turn your SNES Controller into a USB controller compatible with your PC and PS3. This is absolutely PERFECT for retro game emulators...and nostalgia. 

Your house clearly needs more gaming accessories if you've still got NES cartridges lying around. The solution is this NES Game Cartridge Wireless Router. Why? Mainly because you can. Also, why not?

The XBOX 360 Nano-Reef Aquarium is perhaps the ultimate statement piece inexplicably combining organic art with a modified Xbox 360 case. It's absolutely bizarre, and I love it. 

That said, I'm still not quite ready to throw in the towel on my Xbox 360 (or my PS3). Instead I'm going to revel in this in-between period, taking advantage of cheap games as companies try to make room for new inventory. I might never buy a new system!

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