8 Neat Game Inspired Wallpapers

A small collection of game inspired wallpapers to add to your own collection.

Backgrounds or wallpapers are an expression of a computer's owner. Here is a collection of neat game inspired wallpapers.

Rage. Most gamers know it. This image shows a render of an Xbox 360 controller exploding. I would imagine this is what it looks like when someone rage throws their controller into a hard surface.

Image from: BestWallpaperDesign.com

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Ever bothered a gamer who is so concentrated on the screen that they do not see or hear you coming? This wallpaper is an excellent reminder to others that the gamer is not to be disturbed. But we always welcome food and drink.

Image from: Wallpapers KOE

Violence and video games is a huge topic of debate in today's world. While some people that games are the devil's incarnate, a lot of people (especially gamers) do tend to believe that there are other underlying issues that cause the violence, not just the video games chosen to play. Just don't forget the wrist strap for the wii-mote.

Image from: Devo33

Average gamer age today is about mid-thirties. Some people ask, "Aren't you a little old to be playing video games?" My answer is never. Video games are for all ages (depending on the games' ratings, so be sure to check them).

Image from: DeviantArt (ChucklesMedia)

This is a really neat Mario inspired illustration. I just think it was beautifully designed and takes me back to the days of 8-bit graphics and midi tunes. I always seemed to get caught by that piranha plant.

Image from: WallpapersWa

This piece of art is inspired by the voxels in Minecraft. Built off a solid cube, a Minecraft world has been rebuilt. For any fan, this would make a great way to share their love of the game outside of the game.

Image from: WallpapersWide

Variants of this image and quote have made the rounds on various social networking platforms, such as Facebook. Over a gamer's life, they play many games with different heroes. This image showcases the change in a neat way to share with others.

Image from: WallpaperHere

Get those ghosts. This Pac-man is scarier than his original, arcade self. While the original only had four ghosts, this image symbolizes the many ghosts that Pac-man has devoured in his lifetime. The line seems to go on forever.

Image from: GamesWallpaperHD.com

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