A bit of a draft, I suppose…

Who needs furs and leather when you’ve got manhide and body hair! Foo on those with pain thresholds! This sweater isn’t even made with cotton, it’s designer!

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Of course, I’m being smart about it all. Got my shades to combat that nasty snow glare, and my sandals should a landshark happen to sneak underfoot. It’s not about common sense, it’s about looking good, feeling good; and making Asura uncomfortable. Heh heh.



  • Aviator Shades
  • Casual Hoodie (okay maybe it isn’t designer…)
  • Khaki Cargo Shorts
  • Chef’s Boots (turned sandals a la Norn)
  • Sexy Body (Supplied by Bercik Bearclaw @ Tarnished Coast)


Have fun!

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