A Brand New Twist on Iconic Video Game Characters

Balloon animals of your favorite video game characters. ‘Nuff said.
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I was an Air Bender well before Aang came along.

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Besides developing games at Artix Entertainment, I am also a balloon artist, capable of twisting up squeaky colorful creations of anything that I (or eager onlookers) can imagine.

After 10 years of being a professional airhead, I’ve made balloon creations of just about every animal, every princess, every superhero—everything. I am always up for a challenge, and in order to keep my hands busy with something else besides Battle Gems, I decided to make some video game character balloon art.

Let’s play!

Nintendo Balloon Animals

More popular than Nerf Guns and Tamagotchis and the little gray weasel that rolled around on a ball, the Super Nintendo was hailed as the most beloved toy during my childhood. And for good reason too—Nintendo created some of my most memorable memories, and now I get to create tangible visual representations!


From NES to N64 and beyond, Mario has always been my favorite plumber with questionable eating habits.


Don’t let that face fool you. This Goomba is not a fun guy. 


BWAAHA! *pulls out needle* Now I get to have my revenge!


Oh yeah, I just made a Kirby balloon animal. Sneaking this in to see if anyone notices…

Final Fantasy Balloon Animals

It is undisputable fact that Final Fantasy X is the best RPG ever created, but not enough balloon animals have been created in its honor. I am here to change that.


What’s the best thing about Balloon Cactuar? It can’t attack with 10,000 needles!

Black Mage

Okay, so he’s not from FF X, but a classic character nonetheless. I’ve always loved Kazuko Shibuya’s Black Mage from the original Final Fantasy games—and here’s my 3D version!


And last but not least… it’s not Final Fantasy without Chocobos! Unless it’s FF 1, because they didn’t flock onto the scene until FF II. /history lesson

World of Warcraft Balloon Animal

So tell me… who else took the day off to play Warlords of Draenor? *shifty eyes* Well. I couldn’t, because I spent way too long trying to design a World of Warcraft-themed balloon animal.


This guy *started off* as Thrall… but do you have any idea how difficult his facial hair is? To create out of balloons nonetheless? And there’s like NO WAY I could make his armor set. Geeze, I’m just a balloon artist, not a magician.

Artix Entertainment Balloon Animals

And now to plug in some shameless self-promotion! I’ve worked at Artix Entertainment for the past 5 years, and I’ve twisted some AdventureQuest Worlds-themed balloons here and there, but… I never took photos of my work! Screenshot or it didn’t happen, amirite?

 Artix the Paladin

This paladin is so popular that an entire video game studio was named after him! Also helps that he’s the CEO’s avatar.

Drawing on balloons with sharpies and paint markers is just as insanely difficult as it sounds. And the face is what really makes the balloon creation pop—figuratively, of course. I attempted drawing Artix’s Battle Gems expression, and… well… it kinda makes him look a bit too happy.

So I gave him some plastic surgery and planted a new face on the Artix balloon. And now he looks a bit too Anime!

But I am still a bit partial to the first Artix face… so I gave the real-life Artix action-figure a face-lift, too. 

Hehe, they’re all so silly, aren’t they? And they are a foolproof way to guarantee that no real work will get done the rest of the day (unless Vines and Tweets count as work).  

 Twilly the Moglin

No, no, this isn’t a shiny red Pikachu; it’s actually a little red healing Moglin named Twilly. He’s been around since Artix’s first RPG AdventureQuest at www.BattleOn.com, and is always there to offer a helping hand… um, paw.

Zorbak the Moglin

Meh heh heh! Zorbak is the most evil Moglin in all of AQ Worlds. I mean, that kind of goes without saying—just look at that diabolical staff. #StraightUpEvil


And there you have it – my hands and lungs have been exhausted for your amusement. I hope you have enjoyed everything, and I would love to hear your comments below as to what new video game character balloon animals I should twist up next!

P.S. I also made a balloon version of my 2014 Dragon Slayer Awards Trophy! But with a pink sword. Because we gatta have a little bit of Beleen flair in there!  

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