A horror classic: Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 was a series changing game for the Nintendo Gamecube, Wii, and Playstation 2.

Resident Evil 4 was a series changing game for the Nintendo Gamecube, Wii, and Playstation 2.

I interviewed my good friend, Anthony Pickens, on his favorite video game, Resident Evil 4. There are many aspects that make a game great and I made sure to hit the most important ones.

S: What is your favorite aspect of the game and why?

A: The balance of the game, not too action packed, not too scary.

S: Well, what is your favorite moment in the game and why?

A: Fighting the big fish on the raft towards the beginning of the game.

S: Who is your favorite character in the game and why?

A: That would be the main character, Leon Kennedy. He has swag, survived a lot of stuff that I would have killed me easily. He’s just a very likeable character.

It’s true. The man has swag.

After getting some of the basics out of the way, I went on to some more in-depth questions.

S: How does this game compare to other games in the series or genre?

A: This game is scary. Many other horror games now don’t try to be scary. Resident Evil 5 and 6 have co-op that takes some of that fear away. Resident Evil 4 also has good pacing.

S: Do you think the game should have multi-player? Why?

A: No multi-player. Some games don’t need multi-player. It would take the edge off and not be as scary.

S: How often do you play this game compared to others?

A: Not as much now because of limited access to the game. Pretty much anytime I feel like Resident Evil, I’d want to play this one.

What about changes to the game, something the game has done well, and things that future horror games can take from Resident Evil 4 you say? Don’t worry, I anticipated those exact questions from the readers and asked them.

S: What would you change about the game?

A: For the most part, fine as it is. Maybe change the tone because it’s scary the first couple play-throughs, but loses it’s fear factor. Make more parts scary. Also, have different ways to play, such as old Resident Evil style and controls.

S: What is something you believe Resident Evil 4 has done exceptionally well?

A: The pacing is top-notch. What I mean by that is, it knows when have action-packed sequences, and when to slow it down. You can play as Ashley sometimes and can’t use any weapons. The bosses are unexpected as well. It knows how to rotate between action and horror.

Leon isn’t the only one you’ll be playing as in this game.

S: Finally, what do you think future games in the series and genre should take from Resident Evil 4?

A: The balance. There should always be an element of action in the story. The older games was mostly about horror and not enough action. Take Dead Space for example. It’s a scary game, but at the same time running away is never really an option.

There you have it folks. Resident Evil 4‘s graces and what other horror games should aspire for when they grow up. Big thanks to Anthony for taking the time out to tell me about his favorite game. Leave a comment about your thoughts on the game.

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