A Kickstarter You’ve Got to Hear About; Glamazons vs. The Curse of the Chainmail Bikini

Prepare to see and enjoy a campy card game that takes a stab at representations of female armor everywhere.
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Play a game with women long enough, and you might notice a lack of appropriate armor. Battle mages wearing boobplates. Berserkers in leather loincloth and an odd non-functional piece of metal braced over her heaving breasts. 

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Matt Loter of Prettiest Princess Games has had enough. So have his Glamazons of his game, Glamazons vs. The Curse of the Chainmail Bikini. These tough gals have been “pushed to the brink by pervy medieval blacksmiths and sweaty basement dwellers alike,” and are now hacking and slashing their way to full, functional armor. 

With art by renowned pin-up artist Joe Capobianco, as well as a definite tongue in cheek camp appeal, and a good dash of feminist social commentary, this card game is definitely one to talk about. Play is relatively simple. You fight monsters and collect pieces of armor, while trying to keep the armor from your “Best Friend.” Once you collect the armor, represented by reusable vinyl stickers that you can add to your paper doll character mat. 

Just today Matt successfully funded his Kickstarter for the card game Glamazons vs. The Curse of the Chainmail Bikini. “It feels completely amazing [to be funded]! I’m super humbled by all the support from so many people who think what we’re doing is worth giving us money for,” Matt said about reaching their funding goal. 

But you can still donate to the campaign and help them reach their stretch goals as well as get in on the dress-up, hack and slash adventure. Check out their Kickstarter here

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