A Mario: Dream Team, Come True!

In this fun Mario and Luigi game you can help out Mario as Luigi by just simply dreaming!
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The game I have been thinking of buying, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team came out for the 3DS. This looks like a really interesting Mario and Luigi game! I mean Luigi helps Mario with his dreams! How cool is that!? The fact that they can help each other out even in their dreams is amazing!

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Why I really want this game!

The game takes place at the Pi’illo Islands and Luigi’s dreams. You goal is to not only save Princess Peach, but to also help Prince Dreambert free his petrified Pi’illo citizens from the curse that the bat-king Antasma has placed on them.

Now the whole game is not just about Luigi’s dreams, but when Luigi rests his head on a magic pillow he can help Mario from his own dreams. You can create hundreds of Luigis that can mold into different things like wrecking balls, giant hammers and bouncy towers. While Luigi is dreaming you can poke, move or tickle him on the touch screen to affect the dream world on the top screen.

In this game you will need to be able to juggle the real world, as you play as both brothers, and the dream world where you will play as Mario and hundreds of Luigis. You can find new items in this game that will help you out and there is even a hint system if you get stuck on a level. What I really find cool is when you turn your 3DS on its side like a book, you will have a huge Luigi on one side and the boss on the other and you can fight like that!

This Mario game seems really fun and I can’t wait to buy it! Check it out and if you’ve already played it, leave me a comment!

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