A Ranger on the Prowl – GW2 Contest Entry

In the cause of justice - tireless and ambitious.
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There are not a lot of Rangers who have been protecting Tyria since the day they were children. This one – called Wald Jaeger (Forest Hunter) – began hunting centaurs in Queensdale since he was 10 years old, fought against the Undeads of Orr a few years later, and lately struck the Aetherblade back to protect Kryta.

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Wald Jaeger and Lutz in Divinitys reachHe is tireless, always fighting together with his River Drake-Lutz Lazer.

No matter if it is a morning in Queensdale..

..or an afternoon on a tower in the Shiverpeaks.

On his Enchanted Broom with his tiny Toymaker´s Bag, his pet, and his little Mini Oak are always ready to help if someone needs them.

May Melandru be with you!

  • Dyes: Earthen and Wrath
  • Head: Invaders Rawhide Mask
  • Shoulder: Medium Whispering Shoulderpad
  • Chest: Berserker´s Rawhide Chest/Medium Arcon Coat of the Ranger
  • Gloves: Hellfire Vambraces
  • Legs: Berserker´s Rawhide Leggins
  • Foot: Medium Armageddon Boots

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