We pay a second visit to the ridiculous, silly, hilarious, and fun 3D platformer Cloudbase Prime to see it has come along in the last few months.

A Second Look at the Ridiculous Fun That is Cloudbase Prime

We pay a second visit to the ridiculous, silly, hilarious, and fun 3D platformer Cloudbase Prime to see it has come along in the last few months.
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Back in March, I took a look at Floating Island Games’ Early Access title Cloudbase Prime. It is a 3D platformer played from a first-person perspective with FPS elements. With the exception of the game’s soundtrack and some sound effects, it is being solely developed by Tyrus Peace.

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In my last preview of the game, I really enjoyed my time with Cloudbase Primealong with its zany, over-the-top and often humorous characters and fun and balanced gameplay and mechanics. With numerous updates, one including the completion of the plot, I dive in once again to see how the game has come along since my last visit.

A Journey’s End

One of the major features found in the updates since the last time I played Cloudbase Prime is the conclusion of the game’s plot. Previously, only four out of the six worlds were present in the game.

Now with all of the levels present, I finally got to see the conclusion to the game’s interesting and, at times, over-the-top plot. I won’t be giving anything away, but what I will say is I was not disappointed. The ending chapters were actually more than I ever expected from Cloudbase Prime.

From a sudden and unexpected change to one of the most memorable final levels I have played in recent memory, it was simply nothing short of spectacular.

What Else Has Changed Since the Last Visit?

The completion of the plot and levels is certainly the main highlight of the game’s progression, but there have been other changes worth mentioning. First, the UI has had quite a working over since I last played. The menus are a lot more fluent and polished than they were before along with on-screen tutorial prompts being more plentiful and being more efficient than they were.

First, the UI has had quite a lot of work done to it since I last played. The menus are a lot more intuitive and polished than they were before, and the on-screen tutorial prompts are more plentiful and efficient than they previously were.

You are never confused during play, even as new mechanics are introduced. On top of that, prompts never get in your way or slow the game down. The biggest change in the UI is the weapons and abilities screen, which allows you to select the weapon or power of your choice with ease.

It uses a similar selection screen to that of DOOM, where the game goes into slow motion while you choose your weapon or ability. There has also been a booster implemented that gives you a short boost while gliding, making traversing levels a bit smoother.

Alongside those changes, controller support has been added and a whole bevy of balancing and polishing has been done to the game. Cloudbase Prime was always a very enjoyable game, but the polishing and balancing have certainly helped bring that to a whole new level.

The New Levels are Awesome

The updates also introduce new levels that are separated into two additional worlds. Each world offers a gradual increase in difficulty that while challenging everything you have learned, are not unfair or overly difficult. They are reasonably balanced and there was never a point where I was stuck or repeatedly dying.

Overall, they are well designed, fitting, and most of all, fun to play while offering new challenges and obstacles. If you enjoyed the level design prior to these being implemented, then you are going to love these just as much.

Ridiculous, Over-the-Top, Hilarious and Simply Spectacular.

That is how I would describe Cloudbase Prime. It is a game that is ridiculous and over the top while being very self-aware of this. It is a game that shares many traits with the Portal series, but they are very different games despite this.

Its characters are equally silly and hilarious and provide you with enough comedy and humor to keep you chuckling from start to finish. I haven’t had as good a laugh at a game since Portal 2 and that was quite some time ago. As for the ending, it is brilliantly designed and executed and it exceeded my expectations in every way.

It is amazing that this title has been made solely by one man. The level of quality, balance, and polish that the game is showing is nothing short of excellence. Cloudbase Prime does one thing that few games can, and that is it gives the player an experience they will always remember.

Note: A copy of the game was provided for the purpose of this preview.

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