A Step Backwards with Nintendo 2DS

The 2DS might just be the ugliest handheld to date.

The 2DS might just be the ugliest handheld to date.

Nintendo announced its new handheld gaming device, the Nintendo 2DS. Since the 3DS was finally starting to see a rise in sales, I didn’t initially understand why Nintendo would make a new handheld that is essentially going to reverse time to the days of hefty plastic devices, like the Sega Game Gear. After taking a second look at the console I’m starting to see the pros and cons of such a device.

  • While the 2DS doesn’t look like a lot of modern devices, I can still see that it will be a durable product. I remember the days of chucking my Game Boy down on the pavement at the playground so I could go play tag with my friends and, every time, I would come back to a working device.
  • Since there seems to be more durability, I can see how Nintendo could release the 2DS in hopes of gaining a younger audience. Parents are probably going to be lining up to get this for their 5 year old.
  • The price is definitely a selling point to the 2DS; at $129.99 it will be the cheapest handheld on the market. A lot of parents don’t want to be spending exuberant amounts of money on something that their kid might lose interest with in a couple of weeks.
  • Despite all the good points that are stated above, the 2DS just feels like a step backwards for Nintendo. I understand that they are trying to compete with companies like Microsoft and Sony–but come on, the 3DS was finally starting to pick up steam and now they are just going to split their audience.
  • Although the handheld looks durable, that is about all the good I can say for the design of this console. I’m sorry to say but it looks cheap and bulky.

  • Another thing with the bulkiness, who is going to have room in their pockets for one of these? At least in the 90s we sported cargo pants; these kids today have no fighting chance of carrying this plus all the cartridges.

This console might raise sales for Nintendo in general but, with the PlayStation Vita having a recent price drop, their 3DS won’t be gaining too much momentum anytime soon. I think they could have worked on the design a bit more even if it is just for kids. What do you think of the new design? 

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