A Young Sylvari Returns home

Never forget your roots.

Never forget your roots.

Arithen Krayn,

Server – Tarnished Coast

Guild – Dissentient


After a year of adventuring, and being influenced by the world of Tyria, a son of the Pale Tree returns home to find that he has not completely lost sight his roots.  

Gear and Dye

Anonymity Hood – Midnight Fire, Frost, Dye Remover

Evergreen Shoulderguards – Midnight Fire, Frost Midnight Ice

Inquest Breastplate – Midnight Ice, Frost, Midnight Fire

Nightshade Gloves – Midnight Fire, Frost, Midnight Ice

Krytan Leggings – Frost, Midnight Ice, Midnight Fire

Nightmare Greaves – Midnight Ice, Frost, Midnight Fire

Ebon Vanguard Short Bow/Quiver of Swift Flight



When creating this set for my thief, I wanted to make sure that his look was obviously Sylvari even though his face is covered, while still having a distinct “Thief” feel about him.  I envision him having traveled the world, which ultimately shaped who he is and his sense of style, all while him still holding onto the memory of his origins.  


*Funny thing*

There is a clipping issue with my pants with the CoE jacket, however it actually just creates a nicely framed Skull pendant on the back of my waist, making the jacket even more my own.

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