Adam Savage Busts Myths About His Gaming Habits

Adam Savage loves digital exploration, as long as tedious things like combat don't get in the way.

Adam Savage loves digital exploration, as long as tedious things like combat don't get in the way.

It’s always eye-opening to see that the people we come to recognize on television or in other media aren’t just ordinary people but are ordinary people who don’t all think alike.  Adam Savage is recognized by many for his work on Mythbusters, and it wouldn’t be a very big jump to conclude, given his general playful attitude, that he enjoys games as much as the next person.

And he sorta does…

Much to my own surprise, Adam Savage doesn’t actually care for the kinds of games most people go for, as the video heading this article makes clear, but he does enjoy certain types of games.  The example that he gives is Lara Croft.  While he found the combat tedious and despised having to start back over and redo parts of the game if he died, once he tried out an invincibility code so that he couldn’t die but still had to complete the puzzles and explore the stages, he found the game both compelling and enjoyable.

Other examples he gives of the kinds of video gaming he finds entertaining include the tech demos that companies invariably put on to show off whenever they have created a new graphics engine.  Exploring, seeing what the world has to offer, poking his nose into little nooks and crannies, all of these are what he gets pleasantly lost in.

It gives a fairly high-profile look at how wildly different tastes in video games are, especially poignant in an era where the larger gaming companies are producing many games that are effectively carbon copies of each other to try and appeal to the broader audience.

Adam goes to great lengths explaining his feelings on gaming, making sure to be clear he isn’t against it, and gives more personal anecdotes explaining his feelings in the video above, but given his taste in games I wonder what will happen now.  As is said in the vid, he is invariably going to be inundated with game recommendations, and one can only hope that somewhere in that list of titles he’ll find the kind of gem that most of us do that draws us in for days.

Personally?  I’d recommend he pick up Morrowind and start delving… with a few mods to make it less about dying.


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