Which of the two idle giants will tickle your fancy?

AdVenture Capitalist vs. Clicker Heroes – Which is for you?

Which of the two idle giants will tickle your fancy?

Clicker Heroes or AdVenture Capitalist? That’s a question I’ve heard from a few friends (and forum-goers) since Clicker Heroes made its way to Steam, and it’s a pretty valid question. Both are essentially idle games, but are very different in approach and the amount of effort required on the player’s part.

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You might think it’s difficult to pit two games where you essentially just watch numbers against each other, but it’s very easy — after all, they both have something for a different type of idle game player.

I personally enjoy Clicker Heroes much more than AdVenture Capitalist, but people with less time may not. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each game.

AdVenture Capitalist rundown

AdVenture Capitalist can be quickly summed up as an idle game. There’s no need to click frantically and no way to speed up your earnings outside of upgrades. It is the definition of an idle game, and a simple one at that.

The above sounds pretty negative, but it’s the prime option for players without the ability to check on the game every couple hours. Progress is slow but predictable, and the game doesn’t require a ton of your time.

The Moon aspect of the game is one of its biggest detractors for me. Not because it’s an entirely different progression alongside your Earth money, but because its progress is so slow and the profit bonus tiers don’t seem to make much sense. It feels very much like a grind within a grind, and not in a good way.

Let’s take a look at AdVenture Capitalist‘s pros and cons.

  • Minimal input from the player. You just upgrade and go.
  • Recovering from claiming your Angel Investors doesn’t take a ton of time.
  • No clicking like crazy and killing your fingers.
  • Overall easy to understand and keep track of.
  • Minimal input from the player. May not be fun for some.
  • Progress is very streamlined and visibly slow.
  • Going to the Moon is not as fun as it sounds. Progressing on the Moon is excruciatingly slow.
  • It doesn’t really feel all that great to progress.

Clicker Heroes rundown

Clicker Heroes is either an idle or clicker game, depending on how you want to play it. That feature alone is its biggest strength, as speccing via Ancients lets you mold your experience with the game into the one you want. You can idle if you want, you can click if you want. It’s your choice.

There’s a lot more to say about Clicker Heroes than AdVenture Capitalist because the game is packed with way more features. You level up individual heroes and get their buffs, get 50% permanent boosts to heroes once you meet certain criteria (and get lucky), use skills, and spec to play your own way.

But all that stuff can be kind of intimidating, especially when you first play. Not to mention recouping after Ascensions takes about an hour.

Clicker Heroes is certainly closer to a video game than AdVenture Capitalist, and as such does require much more time on your part. You have to make use of your skills and level heroes up on the fly to keep up your progress.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons.

  • Packed full of features to have you theorycrafting over numbers for days.
  • Leveling your heroes past a certain point (every 1000th level) is very rewarding.
  • Speccing into Ancients lets you choose how you want to play the game in the long run.
  • Progression is obvious and feels good.
  • You can get an autoclicker and spec into clicking to make it easy.
  • The amount of features can be intimidating.
  • Requires a good deal of time to make the most of the game.
  • Recovering after Ascending can take at least an hour — that’s an hour of time you’re spending interacting with the game.
  • You can get an autoclicker and spec into clicking to make it easy.
  • You may be clicking like crazy and killing your fingers.

Which one’s best for you?

Let’s put it this way: If you don’t have a lot of time but you want an idle game to watch over and check on a couple times a day, AdVenture Capitalist is probably your best bet. It was practically made for that type of approach, which is perfect for someone who’s busy.

If you have some time each day and you can check on the game every so often to level some of your heroes and pop your skills, go with Clicker Heroes.

Both games are fine in their own right, but they definitely attract different crowds. Give both a shot and make your own decision. Just don’t blame me when you get hooked.

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