After Reset Is Back on Kickstarter for a Second Chance at Funding

After Reset has returned to Kickstarter, this time with a much more reasonable target.
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“Richard Nixon Presents” are the first words that greet you when you watch the back story trailer for the recently returned to Kickstarter game After Reset. It is a postapocalyptic RPG, with gameplay heavily inspired by classics such as Baldur’s Gate, Fallout 1 & 2, and Planetscape: Torment.

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This time Black Cloud Studios have a with a much more humble goal, $35k. Which is down from the $900k that was sought last year. The problem wasn’t so much the amount, it was the lack of exposure that Black Cloud Studios had received, something that they must fix this time around.

After Reset deserves a second chance.

The major thing I am noticing with this Kickstarter is how generous the lower-end backer rewards are, I feel like I would be getting a very rich experience even with $35. It’s a nice change, but maybe it is also a sign that the game is being sold short? They are nearly at $25k at the time of posting, so it certainly isn’t being seen that way by the Kickstarter community!

Black Cloud Studios are using buzzwords such as nonlinear, hardcore mechanics, and sci-fi realism. Those of us who traverse Kickstarter on a daily basis will know that terms like those are usually pure bait material, but this time I urge you to take in those words. Why? Well, mainly because of Black Could Studios’ involvement in Fallout: D20.

It was a cult, underground hit. If the same amount of passion goes in to After Reset, which it needs to, then the nonlinear, hardcore playing gamers who love sci-fi realism will have one heck of a game on their hands.

Additionally, Black Cloud Studios has already successfully funded a related campaign in the After Reset universe with the sci-fi graphic novel After Reset: The Fall of Gyes.

The internet is a place bountiful with second chances, After Reset deserves one. Did you back originally? Are you backing this time? Head over to Kickstarter to see if you this is a game for you!

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