Age Of Heroes VR hits Kickstarter and will be coming to Steam sooner than you think

Age Of Heroes VR Hits Kickstarter

Age Of Heroes VR hits Kickstarter and will be coming to Steam sooner than you think

We recently covered the announcement of OmniGames new MMO-inspired virtual reality title Age Of Heroes VR. Just over a week later, the developers have launched a $10,000 Kickstarter campaign to expand the scope of the title. Age of Heroes VR looks to bring a multiplayer raid experience to virtual reality players.

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The developers are seeking to improve the game’s core content and have several stretch goals that go in depth about potential features for the title. However, should the game not get funded on Kickstarter, all is not lost. 

OmniGames stated: 

“We have the private resources that will allow us to deliver the core product. Actually, we expect to release the early access of the game this May. Then why Kickstarter? The answer is actually very simple. We want to make it even better with more raids, more classes, and more game modes. And only with your voice and support could make this happen. Kickstarter builds the bridge to connect us directly to you, our most valuable players.” 

This means that the core game will be hitting Steam’s Early Access platform incredibly soon, which likely explains why the Kickstarter campaign is only six days long. Age Of Heroes VR is set to provid features like multiplayer raids, an actual body movement system, and RPG character progression. Regardless of the Kickstarter, it won’t be long until players can see the game in action on Steam.

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