Alathys Tylderaan – Engineering Excellence

Alathys Tylderaan - Engineer in Practical Explosions.
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Altahys is a human engineer, growing up in Ebonhawke, he found joy in tinkering with machines and the technology that was taken from captured enemy soldiers.

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It gave inspiration to what he wears, plenty of pouches and pockets to keep his tools, and protection for his arms and feet from the hazardous substances and explosions he regularly creates!

To get the look:

  • Head – Noble Mask/Engineer’s Monocle
  • Chest – Invader’s Rawhide Vest (WvW reward)
  • Shoulders – Furnace Reward Pauldrons
  • Gloves – Furnace Reward Gloves
  • Pants – Rogue Pants (most leg gear works well)
  • Boots – Furnace Reward Boots

Dyes: Chocolate, White, Tarnished Steel

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