Alceus, Champion of Kormir

Fashion Contest Entry

Fashion Contest Entry

I am Alceus* and this is my story

I was brought up in Queen’s Heart Orphanage, when I was able to support myself I went on a journey to find my parents.  I traveled all around Tyria and made alot of friends along my way.  After few years of travel I found the house they used to live in, it was in ruins.  I didn’t get many answers that day but acceptance.

I was always the one around the orphanage who help out the ones that couldn’t defend themselves, I have always been honorable and just. As I got older I tried to guide the young kids to on the right path, it was easy for them to get tempted by bandit recruiters promising food, family and coin.

One day I was passing by a village that was under attack, Centaurs had raided the village and were murdering and pillaging.  I ran picked up a sword and fought with the guards to protect the villagers.  After defeating them I got recruited.

After few years there I had went on the road again, heading for Divinity’s Reach.  On the way there I notice elite warriors fighting a dragon and give my aid.  After defeating it I got recruited into the Vigil.

There I climbed a ladder of ranks untill a great threat came across Tyria.  Zhaitain the elder dragon was corrupting the world.  Determined to bring him down I and a loyal friend formed the Pact and fought with Destiny’s Edge to bring him down.

Sometime later I get betrayed by a man who I considered a loyal friend, stabbed in the back and left to die.  Instead of Grenth taking over me and bringing me to the underworld I get a second chance.  The Goddess Kormir brings me back to fight as her champion.  Now I battle in the mist for the Goddess of Truth and Order.

“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity”

*Fun fact: Alceus (Alcaeus) is the original name of Heracles/Hercules another great hero with a similar story

  • Head: Heavy Plate Helm – Celestial and Gold
  • Shoulders: Radiant Mantle
  • Chest: Priory Breastplate: Gold, Black and Celestial
  • Gloves: Radiant Vambraces
  • Legs: Fur of Koda – Gold, Black and Celestial
  • Boots: Priory Boots – Celestial and Gold
  • Sword: Sovereign Spatha
  • Shield: Sovereign Protector
  • Greatsword: Zenith Avenger

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