Street Fighters back and there are four new characters. From all over the world these new fighters assemble for their own goals and purposes.

All Street Fighter V new characters

Street Fighters back and there are four new characters. From all over the world these new fighters assemble for their own goals and purposes.
The legendary franchise returns

The return of Street Fighter is right around the corner. Street Fighter V will feature several classic and returning characters.  Let's turn the spotlight to the newcomers. Four new characters join the fight, each bringing something new to the franchise. Let's introduce the next generation of Street Fighter. Here are the new characters you can expect to see.

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The first character to be revealed was Necalli, the Emissary of Aztec Gods. While his origin and motives are still a mystery, we know what drives him. Necalli is seeking out powerful fighters with the intent of devouring their souls. Whether he is taking the souls for himself or offering them to his Gods is the question. The Aztecs and the sun god Huitzilopotchli heavily influence his design.

This feral character is not to be underestimated. Necalli plays with a straightforward brawling and wrestling style. With clawing, ground pounds and face slams, Necalli has a move set to both lay on pressure and keep opponents guessing. His V-Trigger Torrent of Power is all brute force. Upon activating Necalli gains the use of body slam and charging attacks.

Likes: Powerful Fighters/Opponents


A contrast from Necalli’s brute and violent nature, Rashid is more heroic. The son of an old Middle Eastern family, Rashid is an easygoing, laid-back kind of guy. He likes his friends, movies, and new technology. His special skills are making friends and solving puzzles. All around he’s a nice dude. When Shadoloo kidnaps one of his friends, Rashid takes it upon himself to seek out the evil organization.

Rashid fights using an original style he probably created himself. Inspired by parkour, he utilizes acrobatics while commanding the wind to lay on pressure. He can use the wind to propel himself for a variety of assaults or create small tornadoes for ranged attacks. Rashid’s V-Trigger Ysaar summons a great tornado to act as a barrier. This giant trap is great for mix-ups. Note Rashid is currently the only character to have two V-skills.

Likes: Making friends, Movies, Technology

Laura Matsuda

A fun and free-spirited girl, Laura is the sole female of the four new characters. She has a simple goal: spread the word of how powerful her family’s martial arts are. Starting with Birdie, she travels around challenging and defeating powerful fighters.

Laura is the Heir to her Grandfathers Matsuda Jiu-Jitsu style. Inspired by Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, she fights using grapples, break and throws. Like fellow Brazilian fighter Blanka, she can also manipulate electricity. She uses this for her projectile attack and to enhance her special moves.

Laura’s V-Skill, Linear Movement, makes her one of the most effective cross up characters in the game. She can quickly dash forwards or backwards, depending on button input. It also works as a powerful overhead attack. Combining this with her slow-moving projectile is going to be a dangerous combo. Her V-Trigger Spark Show gives all her moves a boost. Unlike other characters that get a change in play style, Laura just gets better with time.

Likes: Meat dishes/ Her younger brother


F.A.N.G is the second of command of Shadaloo. Only answering to M. Bison, he's an elitist who looks down on those who refuse Shadaloo. While he appears loyal, there is evidence he has his own agenda in the organization. It is unclear when he replaced Sagat and joined Shadaloo.

F.A.N.G is the first character to bring a poison mechanic to the series. His poison attacks will continuously deal damage until his opponents receive more damage or it fades out. He also has slippery movements and several ranged attacks. V-Skill Nishodoku sends a poison projectile across the screen. V-Trigger Dokunomu is a defensive technique. F.A.N.G surrounds himself in a poisonous cloud that constantly deals damage to opponents while they’re near him. While he has many cool tricks and abilities, I don't recommend him for beginner players.

Likes: Experiments/ The number two

Street Fighter V

Speed, power, techniques or tricks -- who will you play this time around? While these four are leading the hype train, every character in the game has been updated with new moves and mechanics. Ken's faster, and Birdie has new tricks. Everyone has evolved for this latest entry. Stay tuned to GameSkinny to hear all the hype and stay up-to-date ahead of the release.

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