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Bored of the same dungeon music in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn? Well, we've got naughty and nautical alternatives to get your through Sastasha.
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Duty Roulette is now giving us the opportunity to play low-level dungeons again for the promise of Tomestones of Mythology, or extra experience points for our less-levelled classes. As such, you’re probably a bit tired of the repetitive music in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Rebon (FF14). Even though the music for the game can overall be praised, it suffers from a lack of variety, as the same pieces of music appear over and over again in dungeons and other parts of the game.

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Today, we’ll add some variety to the game’s very first dungeon, Sastasha, by providing you with some irreverent and eclectic background music. This playlist last for 45 minutes, which will be more than enough time to complete the dungeon.

1. “Pirates of the Caribbean (Main Theme)” – Hans Zimmer

Bit of an obvious opener. Get your swashbuckler on and into the mood for this piratey dungeon with an iconic film theme.

2. “Beeswing” – The Futureheads

This is probably the least obvious track on the playlist. Better known for their cover of Kate Bush’s “The Hounds of Love”, The Futureheads took a very bold step for their fifth studio album, Rant, by recording it completely a capella. As the British group hail from Northumberland, they drew on local folk-music for their album of instrument-less songs.

The north of England has a long tradition of fishing in the North Sea, and being heavily influenced by the music of nearby Scotland, this folk style is the basis for the common sea-shanty as we know it. So whilst the song’s subject isn’t too seafaring, the style is certainly fitting.
The Futureheads.

3. “I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major General” – Gilbert & Sullivan

This track is from the English operetta, The Pirates of Penzance: a zany opera farce about some rather pitiful pirates. One of Gilbert & Sullivan’s most popular patter songs, you’ll probably have heard the tune before, from Tom Lehrer’s recitation of the elements of the periodic table to being parodied in Family Guy. Keep a steady tempo through the shale of clams or you’ll be done asunder.

4. “Short Shorts” – The Royal Teens

Of course, we can’t have a nautical playlist without a bit of 1950s surf-side doo-wop. Don on your subligars or leather brais for a bit of a boogie. 

5. “Rio” – Duran Duran

Dancing across the sands, British cult 1980s band caused a stir by being one of the first music bands in the world to shoot music videos on professional recording equipment: a far departure from the cheaply made videos of before. The music video for “Rio” was a burst of tropical colours, filmed on location on the sandy shores of the Caribbean. It also includes a young and tanned Jeff Thomas going arse over elbow in a pair of skimpy “budgie smugglers” (if that’s your sort of thing).

6. “Don’t Rock the Boat” – The Hues Corporation

A disco classic. It’s a shame that THM can’t cast “Flare(s)” at this level!

7. “The Captain’s Wife’s Lament” – Paul & Storm

Geeky music duo, Paul & Storm, have this cheeky pirate song to help you batter down Captain Madison and his goons.

8. “Come Sail Away” – Styx

This classic rock anthem would have been silly to omit from this playlist. Brilliant if you need a bit of a power-up by this point. For an alternative, there’s always Eric Cartman’s rendition.

9. “Rock Lobster” – The B52s

Bring your matching towels.

10. “Sailing” – Rod Stewart

Lets bring the tempo down a bit. Especially if you haven’t made it to the last boss by now, for whatever reason.

11. “Sit Down You’re Rockin’ the Boat” – Frank Loesser

Sailors aren’t a rare occurrence when it comes it musical theatre (South Pacific, Shore Leave, Anything Goes, Titanic: The Musical), but this is one of the few songs involving boats without any salty sea-dogs anywhere near it. Frank Loesser’s renowned musical about a New York gangster falling in love with a Salvation Army girl has this rather “rapturous” showstopper in it.

12. “Surfin Bird” – The Trashmen

Brwrwrwrwrwrwrwwrw! Seriously, at this point, why haven’t you left the party!?

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