Amplitude Close to Goal with Two Days Left

Harmonix's Amplitude in home stretch of their Kickstarter campaign.

Harmonix's Amplitude in home stretch of their Kickstarter campaign.
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Ampltitude was one of the first interactive music games on the PlayStation 2, launching in 2003. Harmonix Music Systems is attempting to make a newer, updated game based off the original for the newer consoles, bringing back a challenging, well-loved game with a musical blast from the past.

Harmonix is a well-respected studio with a proven history of delivering, but they have unexpectedly struggled to assure that they will be able to create an update to their beloved Amplitude over a decade after the first installment. As of 5 PM EST on Wednesday night, the Kickstarter campaign is just over $125,000 short of their goal, which would spell certain doom on the project if not reached by the Friday night deadline.

Early Crippler concept - Purple player launched a debilitating power-up on the green player.

The studio, which strives to bring back the addicting difficult musical game, has gotten support from actress Felicia Day and Minecraft creator Markus Persson, who tweeted to several million followers to help finish off the goal set on the Kickstarter page. Harmonix’s John Drake spoke to Kotaku writer Jason Schreier and told him that “we’re way more optimistic now than we were last week, but we’re still incredibly nervous,” and that “the suspense is incredible.”

Harmonix has pinned a $775,000 goal on their Kickstarter, set to expire at 5 PM EDT on Friday night, offering an extremely detailed page on their prized project as well as laying out the perks doled out to donators.

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